McDonald’s Introduces Plant Based Chickens Nuggets

McDonald’s has announced it will start selling plant-based chicken McNuggets at select restaurants

As of right now, the plant-based nuggets can only be bought at McDonald’s in Germany but if the nuggets are proven to be a success they could find themselves on McDonald’s menus all around the world.

The new McPlant nuggets are in collaboration with Beyond Meat an artificial meat company that received financial backing from Bill Gates in its early years.

Per MSN, ingredients that can be found in the new plant based nuggets are “peas, corn, wheat, and tempura batter, using a recipe the fast food giant made in collaboration with Beyond Meat.”

McDonald’s customers will be able to order plant-based McPlant nuggets starting Feb. 22, with Germany being the first country to roll them out.

The nuggets are made from peas, corn, wheat, and tempura breading.

You trying these?

— Boardroom (@boardroom) February 21, 2023

The plant based McNuggets aren’t the first time McDonald’s has placed synthetic plant based meat on its menu.

Back in 2021, McDonald’s introduced the McPlant Burger.

Oh My Mag reported the McPlant burger was a major flop in the United States but was well received in Europe.

The McPlant burger was eventually pulled from McDonald’s menus in the United States after the plant based burger was only sold 20 times a day on average at McDonald’s busiest chains.

McDonald’s is rolling out both a McPlant Burger and non-chicken McNuggets at its restaurants in Germany.

— FOX 11 Los Angeles (@FOXLA) February 17, 2023


McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food chain that has collaborated with Beyond Meat.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported KFC is “testing a new menu offering for its restaurants — meatless fried “chicken.”

KFC Testing Vegan Fried ‘Chicken’

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