New Conversations Emerge About Those Competing in Women’s Sports

Over recent years, there have been growing debates about who should and should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

Some transgender women, who are biologically male, have wanted to compete and have been successful in doing so. However, certain female athletes have pushed back against this, as have other concerned Americans.

It’s been pointed out (and scientifically proven) time and time again, that biological males have different bodies, bones, and structures than biological females. This does not change even when biological males take certain hormones or otherwise alter their bodies to present as female.

Now, various figures who are close to the sports world are weighing in amid debates over who should be allowed in women’s sports, according to New York Post.

No Deal

NFL star Marcellus Wiley and surf star Bethany Hamilton have been clear that they don’t agree with biological males competing in women’s sports.

Wiley stated that he personally has no issues with transgender individuals at all. However, when it comes to transgender individuals competing in women’s sports, the NFL star explained this is a “biological issue” and he wouldn’t allow it for his own daughter.

Bethany Hamilton, author of “Surfing Past Fear,” SPEAKS OUT against controversial World Surf League rule.

BRAVE Books stands behind her! What do you think?


— BRAVE Story Hour (@BraveBooksUS) February 7, 2023

Hamilton had similar remarks. According to the surf star, there ought to be a separate division for transgender women to play in sports.

Via Instagram, Hamilton also made it clear she won’t be a participant in the World Surf League (WSL) if biological males are allowed to compete alongside women.

The Only Way Out?

Hamilton’s proposal of a separate division for transgender sports players may be the only feasible path moving forward.

Women’s sports as people know them are going to drastically change if women are concerned about being hurt because they’re competing against biological males, who tend to be bigger and stronger on average.

Right now, many female athletes feel as though they’re not getting a fair shake.

So far, it remains to be seen if the people in charge of setting up sports events and competitions will listen to these women for the sake of preserving the support and morale amongst its players.

There should be absolutely nothing brave or courageous about speaking up for the fair treatment of women and girls. If leaders cannot find it in themselves to do that, then we need different leaders.

I urge everyone to speak boldly and stand firm!

— Riley Gaines (@Riley_Gaines_) February 21, 2023

The differences between biological females and biological males are not going away. The same can also be said of people who are protesting rules that have thus far permitted biological males who identify as transgender women to compete against biological women.

On social media, both Marcellus Wiley and Bethany Hamilton have received support from folks who heard them out and agreed with what they had to say.

What do you think about biological males who identify as transgender women being able to compete in women’s sports? You’re more than welcome to let us know in the comments area if you believe this is fair to biological women.

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