School Approves English Teacher’s Program With Ridiculous Images and Videos

According to an interview, a Pennsylvania English teacher admitted he had shown students in an elective sexuality class close-up images of penises and vulvas, as well as a clip of a woman ejaculating.

The school has confirmed to Fox News Digital that they are supporting him.

Full Support From the School

Friends’ Central School is a private school in Wynnewood. Al Vernacchio is employed there as an English teacher.

According to his website, he is also active in the sexuality program, which begins with young children in nursery school and continues until the twelfth grade.

Moreover, he cited this information at least once more on one of the other occasions. Following the report’s publication, the school sent a memo saying there was no “sexual education program before the fourth grade.”

This is Al Vernacchio. He is a “sexuality educator”. He gave a TED talk where he thinks sex should be likened to PIZZA, when talking to kids. Just look at this article topic and the PIC!!!!

— Kaizen (@CoralineElise) May 14, 2020

Vernacchio is one of the academic staff advisors for the Gender and Sexual Orientation Alliance, in addition to teaching classes as part of his responsibilities as the Sexuality Education Coordinator.

He is also in charge of organizing sexuality-themed initiatives and assemblies.

Vernacchio discussed his graphic instructional plans, which he stated caused issues outside of the school, in an interview he gave to The New York Times Magazine in 2011, the transcript of which was just discovered.

The educator stated his objective is to desensitize the students to visuals of genitalia.

As per Vernacchio, the teachings that tend to arouse suspicion outside of the school are a health research video he displays of a woman having an orgasm.

Students are permitted to excuse themselves if they choose not to watch. According to Vernacchio, the purpose of the photographs is to demonstrate the diversity of what may be found in the world.


The instructor went on to explain the true purpose of the activity was to desensitize the students to the appearance of genuine genitals so they would be less startled by their genitalia and, one day, those of their partners.

Students in the 11th and 12th grades were given the opportunity to participate in such lessons. Pupils were given the opportunity to decline to view the explicit photographs and parents were required to provide their consent before enrolling.

According to the institution, they have complete confidence in their teacher.

In a statement, they said that Al Vernacchio is a well-known educator held in high esteem nationwide. They added it is disheartening that both his work and their academy are being misrepresented to such an extensive degree.

“In a society that is increasingly in need of intellectual, ethical, and spiritual development, Friends Central is deeply dedicated to providing its students with opportunities to grow in these areas.”

Al Vernacchio is a sex educator for kids ages 3 to 18 at Friends’ Central School in PA.

“…everyone single one of these kids is a sexual being. They have been since birth and at every age and stage, we can offer them age appropriate transformative sex Ed.”

— Megan Brock (@MegEBrock) February 10, 2023

Vernacchio stated the students do not have a point of reference for the appearance of a normal and healthy vulva. In addition, Vernacchio has offered his thoughts on children from the perspective of “sexual creatures.”

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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