Man Arrested for Stopping Armed Attacker

As reported by the Toronto Star, a male from Ontario, Canada has been arrested for second-degree murder after killing an individual who was attempting to loot his house as part of a five-man robbery attempt.

One of the intruders was shot and later declared dead. Another was taken into custody; the other three are still missing.

The Details

The perpetrators entered the residence with the intention of robbing it around 5 a.m., as stated by authorities. Ali Mian, the 22-year-old man accused of the murder, challenged the group, and bullets were discharged inside the house.

Mian resides with his mom, who was assaulted by one of the attackers who was armed, claims Mian’s attorney, Jag Virk. Virk stated, “The invader had a weapon and was assaulting his mother.”

CLASSIC VIDEO: Justin Trudeau says you DON’T have the right to self defense with a gun in Canada.

— An0maly (@LegendaryEnergy) June 12, 2022

The attorney also disclosed to the publication that Mian only shot his gun once, without intending to kill anyone, and it was legally registered. According to reports, Mian phoned the police after killing the armed suspect.

The invader was shot and killed. Romario Clarke has already been named as one of the accused home intruders, accused of committing burglary and unlawfully having a weapon in his possession.

A spotted Dodge Charger might have been the group’s getaway vehicle from the police. In 2022, Prime Minister Trudeau made the infamous claim that residents of his nation could not use firearms for “self-protection.”

Even after its police department came under fire in 2017 for urging residents to use pronouns, Halton Region is no stranger to conflict. In addition to advising the public to inquire about “preferred pronouns,” Halton Police published a “Useful Guide to Pronouns.”

UPDATE – MILTON SHOOTING: @HaltonPolice forensics o/s of early a.m. fatal shooting on Gibson Cres #Milton . One adult male suspect dead, 2nd in custody along with an occupant of home, after 2 suspects entered the home — multiple shots fired. A gun was recovered outfront the home.

— Graham Paine (@GPmedia_24) February 19, 2023

In the same area, the school administration has instructed pupils to walk to class and even bring an extra jacket so staff members can lower the heat in the buildings to “combat climate change.”

In addition, despite public uproar and international criticism, Halton District continues to employ the instructor with enormous artificial breasts. Mian and the burglar who was apprehended are both facing trial.

Canadas Gun Laws

Hunting groups in Canada are protesting a new firearms regulation because they are concerned that it would affect their weaponry. NHL player Carey Price, who remarked in the past that the law is “unjust,” added fuel to the worries.

His post comes in the wake of criticism around a late modification to the measure that lengthens the list of restricted weapons.

In comparison to the US, Canada has tighter firearms laws. Firearm ownership is federally regulated; there are three categories of firearms: forbidden, non-prohibited, and limited.

Yet, a recent uptick in gun-related crimes in some areas of the nation and incidents like the rampage in Nova Scotia have spurred calls for tightening existing regulations.

According to government data, the primary weapon employed in the bulk of violent crimes involving firearms throughout 2009 and 2020 was a handgun.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.

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