State Department Under Fire For Funds Given to Hostile Charity

With the Biden administration running the federal government, Americans nationwide have some very real concerns. A huge part of this deals with how money is being spent at the federal level.

Many Americans believe that if this current administration were more amenable to lowering expenses, the country would not have such a high inflation rate.

However, Biden and his Democratic allies are continuing to run with the debunked narrative that their spending is a net positive for the country.

It is for this reason that the White House will continue to take heat. Though one of the latest scandals pertains to some funding given to a particularly hostile charity by the US State Department, according to Conservative Review.

A Concerning Turn of Events

For reasons that baffle many Americans, the State Department has handed over a whopping $41,000 to Fares Al-Arab. This is a charity that is not only Palestinian, but it also works with known terrorists.

Because of the State Department giving tens of thousands of dollars to Fares Al-Arab, a training program lasting for 15 months will have the funds to work with various Palestinian journalists.

“The State Department gave $41,000 last September to Fares Al-Arab, an organization based in the Gaza Strip that has a history of partnering with the Hamas government.”

Money to train terrorists.

— Orbital tungsten rod sales (@razingarizona) February 22, 2023

Unfortunately, this grant comes despite Fares Al-Arab’s well-known collaborations with the Hamas government on housing initiatives and various other projects. Fares Al-Arab has likewise broken bread with Islamic radicals and anti-Israel extremists.

Despite this history, Fares Al-Arab is now claiming the grant money from the US State Department won’t be used to further the charity’s positions on Israel. Nevertheless, many American citizens are describing the Biden administration’s clearing of this grant as reckless and dangerous.

Republicans Sound the Alarm

It’s simply not enough for Fares Al-Arab to declare its views on various world issues won’t have an impact on the $41,000 it received from America’s State Department.

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz has since weighed in on this issue, pointing out the seriousness of this decision. According to Cruz, the State Department under Biden already has an established lack of transparency regarding where its grant money is going.

Weakness is provocative and Joe Biden is driving our enemies together.

Listen to the latest episode of #Verdict here:

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) February 23, 2023

Moreover, Cruz explained the State Department has even gone as far as lying in the past about which bodies are receiving their grants when lawmakers dug into this issue.

Finally, the Texas senator noted he’s not at all shocked by the Biden administration’s decision to hand over funds to charities and other groups that actively support the destruction of Israel.

Americans should not hold their breath waiting for the Biden administration to give a clear explanation of why the State Department determined Fares Al-Arab was worthy of getting tens of thousands of dollars in grant funding.

Are you concerned about where grant money from the State Department is going? You can let us know in the comments section.

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