Biden’s Former Advisor, Sam Brinton, Spotted Wearing Tanzanian Fashion Designer’s ‘Lost’ Clothing

Sam Brinton, an erstwhile non-binary nuclear waste advisor to President Biden, has been accused by a Tanzanian fashion designer of wearing garments from the designer’s bag that mysteriously vanished in 2018.

After her baggage disappeared from the Washington, DC airport, Asya Khamsin claims she has often spotted Brinton wearing one of her custom-made dresses.


The Houston-based style expert posted images of herself in one of her designs next to a picture she claims is of Brinton wearing the same outfit.

My name is Asyakhamsin tanzanian fashion designer based in houston Texas USA I lost my bag 2018 in DCA recently I heard the news on @FoxNews about @sambrinton luggage issue surprisingly I found his images wore my custom made outfitswhich was in the lost bag on 2018

— asyakhamsin (@asyakhamsin1) February 20, 2023

Khamsin’s bags vanished from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on March 9. She filed a missing luggage report, but her belongings were never found. In December, the designer reported the incident to the Houston PD.

After watching television coverage of Brinton’s alleged theft of bags from other airports, she concludes he must have stolen her bag as well. According to Khamsin, the clothing on Brinton are identical to the ones she had specially made for her.

There has been no verification that the things are the same; it is unknown if they had them altered and the designs seem different on Brinton even though they are identical.

After being accused of stealing many times last year, Brinton was fired from their employment at the Department of Energy (DOE). Khamsin, in a recent interview with Fox News Digital, mentioned that she has previously seen her designs on Brinton.

Former US Government official, Sam Brinton has been accused of stealing Tanzanian Fashion Designer, Asyakhamsin’s luggage in 2018.

Sam has been wearing her costumes to events.

— Africa Facts Zone (@AfricaFactsZone) February 24, 2023

Khamsin said she could not hold the exhibition because of the missing garments.

Khamsin reported the theft of her luggage containing thousands of dollars worth of clothing and jewels to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department and filed a complaint with Delta Airlines.

Khamsin was confident the lost airport clothing was hers after seeing images of Brinton on the news wearing what she believed were her clothes.

As of this week, Brinton has not been charged with a felony related to Khamsin’s assertions, despite the fact that on December 16, she filed a report with the Houston Police Department and spoke with the FBI about the inquiry.

Numerous Reports

In a second instance last week, Brinton stormed out of a court in Minnesota during a preliminary hearing on allegations of suitcase theft. If found guilty, they might go to jail for up to five years and/or have to pay a fine of $10,000.

The complaint states on September 16 at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, Brinton stole a woman’s bag by removing the tag and walking out with it. A total of $2,325 was placed on the contents of the case.

There was no checked luggage for Brinton on the trip out of Washington, D.C., as was later confirmed by American Airlines. When the victim saw photos of Brinton carrying the bag, she confirmed it was hers. Brinton was told he must avoid the victim at all costs.

Mx. Brinton was how the judge addressed Brinton. The gender-neutral pronoun “mx” is frequently used by non-binary persons who do not identify with a certain gender and prefer not to have that pronoun appear in their name or other identifying information.

Brinton is suspected in a second incident of snatching another woman’s bags from Las Vegas’s Harry Reid International Airport.

The White House has often avoided addressing the problem, stating it is not a political matter. The Energy Department also made an effort to remove Biden from the controversy.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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