Tim Scott Teases 2024 Run in Iowa Speech

Sen. Tim Scott, considering a run for president, praised Iowa’s school choice program while praising the nation’s first GOP caucus state in a speech on Wednesday night.

In Des Moines, Iowa, he previously visited a nearby private school with Governor Kim Reynolds, who then presented him to a group of Polk County Republicans.

Sense of Community and Strength

The senator from South Carolina claimed going there makes him happy. He claimed to adore the state, the people in charge, and the intense feeling of community. He continued by saying one of the issues facing our nation is a lack of a sense of community.

While Scott hasn’t officially started a campaign, he has embarked on a “Faith in America listening tour” to learn more about what voters in 2024 want.

The senator spoke on his experience as a black, impoverished child growing up in the South, using his own tale of success to refute racial prejudices in the nation.

Absolutely love this quote from Tim Scott. pic.twitter.com/dJo1HFmM9b

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According to him, his grandpa was told to refrain from looking a white person in the eye. So, he isn’t painting America in a positive light when he discusses her role in our past.

Nonetheless, his grandpa held the same beliefs in America’s goodness that some people now appear to doubt. His grandfather believed in this country.

In his story, Scott described how his mother struck him with a switch in the garden after he failed his high school geography and government classes, as the switch is a liberally applied southern device of encouragement.

The senator made light of the fact he isn’t the only one who has trouble with civics after being in the Senate for nine years.

He asserted that hard effort pays off in the end. The most fantastic thing ever is that. In 95 percent of the remainder of the globe, this is not feasible.

Standing Strong For Unity

He said, “Right now, we have people who want to claim that grievance, not grandeur, is our destiny because they think by leveraging the controversial racial past of our country, they can drive a rift in our country.”

Tim Scott plans presidential campaign based on ‘unity and optimism’: WSJ https://t.co/JU0Hng6c3T

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That will give their progressive agenda greater clout and resources. He stands and declares, “Not in my watch.”

According to Scott, the first step in any strategy to destroy America would be to undercut national patriotism.

The senator then praised his own contributions to the 2017 Trump tax cuts, in particular the “opportunity zones” clause, which allowed for the attraction of investment through tax benefits for low-income communities.

About three-fourths of Americans, according to Scott, think the country isn’t headed in the right direction, and “just 10 percent” of people believe the union is “strong.”

Scott presented a scenario in which “America’s worst enemy” was coming up with a plan to “destroy America.”

Scott and the erstwhile governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, have run parallel campaigns nationwide. They both spoke to South Carolina voters in premature primary states before this week’s trips to Iowa, the location of the GOP’s first-in-the-nation coalitions.

After declaring her candidacy in Charleston, South Carolina last week, Haley addressed two town hall meetings.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.

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