Top Biden Aide Makes Serious Slip-up

Karine Jean-Pierre, the current press secretary for the Biden administration, has repeatedly found herself in hot water over the very public statements she makes.

Many Americans don’t believe the current press secretary is very honest about the events happening in our country or world. Others have charged Jean-Pierre with saying anything that will make the president appear in a favorable light.

Controversy has also come up regarding Jean-Pierre’s public comments made well before she began working as Joe Biden’s press secretary.

However, a new slip-up made by Jean-Pierre days ago now has the nation talking, as reported by Fox News.

The Freudian Slip Heard Nationwide

In remarks to the press about a nominee for World Bank leadership, the White House press secretary stated this nominee was submitted by “President Obama.” Of course, Obama is not currently the president. He was the 44th president who served before former President Trump was elected.

Nevertheless, immediately after crediting the nominee to Biden’s ex-boss, Jean-Pierre corrected herself. Upon stating that America has to move ahead rather than go backward, the White House press secretary declared the nominee for World Bank leadership was announced by Joe Biden, the current president.

Karine Jean-Pierre just admitted to the Nation that Obama is running the country.

— ThePatriotOasis (@ThePatriotOasis) February 23, 2023

It didn’t take long for Jean-Pierre’s mistake to go viral on social media. Some critics of the Biden administration suggested that Jean-Pierre made a Freudian slip and that former President Obama actually is running the show behind the scenes.

This is not the first time that such a viewpoint has been shared in the public sphere, given the direction America’s been heading since Biden got into the White House.

Even during the 2020 presidential election, it was stated that handing Biden the White House would be giving Obama his proverbial “third term.”

Is Biden Running in 2024?

This latest mistake made by Jean-Pierre comes as much of the country wonders whether or not Biden is even going to pursue a second term.

Recently, first lady Jill Biden came out and confirmed that her husband actually is going to run. However, Biden himself hasn’t made any announcements.

First lady Jill Biden did not hesitate when asked if there was any chance her husband would not run for reelection in 2024.

“Not in my book,” she told CNN. “I’m all for it, of course.”

— CNN (@CNN) February 27, 2023

Earlier this month, it was speculated that Biden would declare his candidacy during the State of the Union address. However, this declaration never materialized.

There are some assumptions that other Democrats want Biden to sit out this election, owing to concerns about his age and other matters. Ultimately, it remains to be seen what the president decides as far as a potential 2024 campaign goes.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s White House press secretary claiming that former President Obama is actually submitting nominees for government leadership roles? Do you believe this was an honest mistake or a Freudian slip? Please feel more than welcome to let us know in the comments area.

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