LA Mayor Tries To Blame Right Wing Extremists For Trashing Police Entrance Requirements

Like many blue cities, Los Angeles has an alarming crime rate. The events of 2020 following the death of George Floyd didn’t help, as calls to defund the police increased.

LA’s progressive Mayor Karen Bass never wanted to defund the LAPD, but she did want to boost community services and spend more money on outreach.

Now, she has a new solution to LA’s crime problem: make it easier for almost anyone to become a cop. Yes, seriously.

Bass Rails Against ‘Right-Wing Extremists’

When you can’t beat them, replace them. That’s Bass’ new plan as she hopes to hire a lot of new recruits who are far left like her to replace many of the old guards of the LAPD.

Her strategy so far has been to highly a supposed issue with “right-wing extremists” hiding inside the LAPD’s ranks. Her proof? Not yet produced.

It seems obvious there must be some right-wing extremists and racists inside the LAPD, just as there surely are also left-wing extremists and communists in the LAPD. These people have a way of slipping through the cracks and hiding who they are.

Whereas focusing on this monster under the bed is Bass’ way of justifying what she’s also doing, which is to massively lower entrance requirements and psychological wellbeing to join the force.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass wants to remove “obstacles” for new police recruits and pledged to root out officers with ties to “right-wing domestic extremist organizations.”

Bass wants to lower standards for police recruits who fail to qualify for training in an effort to…

— Southern Man (@MagicBelle1) February 27, 2023

Entrance Requirements Are ‘Obstacles’?

According to Bass, entrance requirements are “obstacles” for many people who want to become cops. She wants the LAPD more “diverse” and is lowering those requirements.

This is especially for less represented groups in the LAPD, who will get an advantage and be given affirmative action if they fail entrance requirements in the mental health or physical health component.

Police unions are not impressed with what’s going on, especially with the lapse in mental health standards and testing for new recruits.

Physically, recruits are usually expected to score at least above 50 out of 100, but people are now being let in scoring 10.

As the union notes, that’s simply “dangerous.”

LAPD, meanwhile, has to get back to Bass on how many minorities they’ve hired by August, no matter how many standards they have to lower to do so.

Karen Bass doesn’t think covering-up rape and sexual harassment within the LAPD is a disqualifier for Chief of Police.

— Film The Police LA (@FilmThePoliceLA) November 22, 2022

The Bottom Line

Police officers who aren’t up to the job are a danger to each and every one of us and to their fellow officers. Lowering entrance requirements to meet a diversity goal is racist, stupid, and incredibly reckless.

If you have physically unfit or mentally unwell officers on the job, criminals get away with crimes and innocent people get caught in the crossfire.

People like Bass are truly dangerous because they have let woke ideology blind them to basic common sense and are trying to force the rest of us to go along with it.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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