Chicago Mayor Loses Vote and Blames Racism and Sexism

Lori Lightfoot argued her inability to win re-election as Chicago mayor was not due to her inability to reduce Chicago’s skyrocketing crime levels, but rather due to her status as a woman of color.

Lightfoot Loses Vote

Lightfoot, the Windy City’s only publicly gay and black female mayor, has become the first mayor of Chicago to lose re-election in four decades. That’s after falling far behind and landing in third place with just 17.1 percent of the votes cast, as of yesterday morning.

She faced criticism for her soft-on-crime stance during her leadership, which has resulted in sharp rises in violent crime in the city. It’s up 52% from the previous year, as well as more than 100% from 2021.

Yet, the deposed mayor stated in her parting address she felt appreciative that they fought together to eliminate a record amount of weapons off the streets, decrease murders, and begin to make meaningful progress on public health and safety.

She said this despite the fact crime has reached a record high.

Lightfoot originally blamed sexism and racial discrimination for the harsh criticism she received; the outgoing mayor now claims the same is true of her loss.

When a reporter questioned Lightfoot about whether she had experienced unjust treatment as a result of her ethnicity and gender during her convention speech, Lightfoot responded by saying she was a black woman in the U.S. so, of course, she had.

The only thing worse than Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is someone who lives in Chitown, knows who she is, and votes for her to continue her reign of murderous murder.

You get what you vote for.

— VOR (@Voice_OfReality) February 21, 2023

Conservatives criticized the outgoing mayor at the same time, claiming violence was the main factor in her loss. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted that crime is not profitable.

On Twitter, several others concurred with Greene in expressing they hoped with Lightfoot’s departure, harmony may finally return to the Windy City.

Vernon Jones, a former state representative from Georgia, tweeted that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, definitely got given the foot and we should pay attention as Democratic mayors of cities with rampant crime. Even liberals have grown weary of living in fear.

There is still hope for my hometown said criminal defense lawyer and FOX News commentator Jonathan Turley. There is no Lori Lightfoot.

In honor of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot losing tonight, here are some of the most ridiculous and horrific headlines she has generated:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: “F*ck Clarence Thomas”

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) March 1, 2023

The city’s capacity for progress has increased significantly since the Chicago River’s course was altered in 1900.

Lightfoot was up against eight opponents, one of which was Paul Vallas, the former CEO and treasury secretary of the Chicago Public Schools, who has gotten 33 percent of the vote thus far.

Lightfoot Blames Racism

The Cook County Board of Commissioners member Brandon Johnson finished second and will face Vallas in the run-off vote on April 4.

With an excess of 172,000 votes cast as of the 94 percent mark, Vallas has clinched a spot in the run-off election. Johnson has received upwards of 103,000 votes.

Lightfoot, who trailed Johnson by less than 87,000 votes, was defeated. This was despite the fact she had even gotten convicted inmates to vote and hoped to have their support.

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