Man Busted at Major Airport Carrying Likely Victim Meat in Suitcase

A 25-year-old man described as a “killer cannibal” has been arrested at a major international airport. This happened while carrying a suitcase with what may be “human meat” from another country, as per law enforcement’s suspicions.

Packages of Possibly Human Meat

The shocking cannibal arrest occurred at the airport in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. This is after the murder and cannibalism suspect named Begolea Mendes Fernandes landed from a flight out of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

According to police information, Fernandes is suspected of killing a 21-year-old man named Alan Lopez in a murder he allegedly committed in the Dutch city on Sunday, The Daily Mail reported.

To make the case even more nauseating, the Portuguese law enforcement officers examined the contents of the alleged cannibal’s baggage and discovered what is reportedly described as “suspicious meat.”

The police suspected the meat could be “human,” either from Lopes or from another possible victim, which is why it has been sent for analysis to a specialist lab.

According to the official confirmation of the police in the Netherlands, Alan Lopez was a victim of a “serious violent crime.” Thus, according to reports in Portuguese media, the local investigators suspect that Fernandes committed Lopez’s murder and also engaged in cannibalism.

The suspected cannibal, however, is not a native of Portugal, but of Brazil. He was nabbed at the Lisbon Airport as he was about to get on a transfer flight to the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte.

Fernandes was kept in custody at Santa Maria Hospital, under house arrest, in Portugal’s capital Lisbon.

He is expected to be extradited to the Netherlands as part of the investigation into Lopez’s killing. Both the Netherlands and Portugal are part of the European Union, which makes joint law enforcement procedures faster.

Suspected cannibal arrested with ‘suspicious meat’ in a suitcase after flying across Europe ‘with victim’s remains’

— Mairead (@RayMairead) March 1, 2023

Killer cannibal

— Tippy Maxwell (@TippyMaxwell) March 1, 2023

First Nabbed for Fake Italian ID

The arrest of the suspected killer who may have been carrying human meat in his suitcase was confirmed and described by a spokesman for Portugal’s Borders and Immigration Service.

According to the Portuguese official, Begolea Mendes Fernandes was wearing clothes with blood stains on them and carrying “a package” with “pieces of meat” at the time he got detained.

The spokesman said the suspect was at first kept at the border control of the Lisbon International Airport after officers became suspicious that an identity card from Italy he presented was fake.

As a result, the man first got arrested on suspicions of using a falsified ID; it was discovered only later that he was suspected of committing a murder in the Netherlands a day earlier.

In the Dutch city of Amsterdam, the victim, Alan Lopez, was discovered dead at a house where he was living with his two sisters and mother.

According to the authoritative Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias, Lopez may have become the victim of cannibalism.

The police in the Netherlands have confirmed Fernandes’s arrest and ensuing investigation in Portugal was connected with the murder case in Amsterdam.

A Dutch police spokesman stated the law enforcement services of the two European Union nations were working “in collaboration” on the case.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.

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