Part of Oregon’s Quest To Join Idaho is Closer to Success as Critics Warn of Civil War

Part of Oregon is in the process of trying to separate and join Idaho. This story has been in the works for a while now, but is currently gaining enough steam to capture national attention.

It has also raised support from many patriots, as well as concern and criticism from many on the middle and left.

The Greater Idaho Movement

The attempt by 13 eastern Oregon counties to separate and join Idaho is known as the Greater Idaho movement.

If this succeeds, then 392,000 residents would leave Oregon, shearing its population from 4.35 million down to 3.96 million.

Idaho, meanwhile, would grow to have twice as many people as Montana and would increase in population by more than 21 percent.

As of now, 11 of the 13 counties in the Greater Idaho movement are moving forward with further efforts to move this into a legal referendum.

In order for this state breakup to actually happen, it would require the Idaho statehouse to vote in favor, as well as the Oregon statehouse. The US House and Senate would also need to approve the measure.

Under the ‘Greater Idaho’ movement, nearly everything in Oregon east of the Cascades becomes part of Idaho – and House members in the Idaho Legislature voted in favor of it.

— KATU News (@KATUNews) February 20, 2023

Freedom From ‘Blue State’ Red Tape

Mark Simmons is an Oregon Republican who served as head of the Oregon legislature from 2001 to 2003.

Writing in support of Greater Idaho in the leading Idaho paper, The Statesman, Simmons said the state would experience great benefits from having these new residents.

He also argued it’s the right thing to do to welcome in these Oregonian exiles who are seeking freedom from the “progressive blue-state” policies and red tape of Oregon’s Democrat administration.

The Idaho House of Representatives voted to pursue discussions on this, thanks to votes from conservative members, but Democrats are saying it’s a “dangerous step” closer to actual civil war.

Simmons says Oregonians in the east of the state feel Democrats on the West Coast of Oregon have “villainized” them and made them out to be the bad guys.

Ranchers, oil workers, and patriotic Americans in the east feel very little in common with blue-haired wokesters on the West Coast. They don’t really want to be in their state anymore, to make a long story short.

In fact, in last year’s midterms, 75% of these 13 counties voted GOP, rejecting the Democrats’ extreme left vision and voting, instead in favor of “faith” and “self-reliance” according to Simmons.

‘Greater Idaho’ Movement Where Idaho Would Absorb Rural Counties From Oregon Gains Momentum

Leaders from both Idaho and Oregon have expressed support for relocating the Idaho-Oregon border. The Greater Idaho movement seeks to incorporate 13 Oregon counties, or 63% of the state’s…

— Global News Daily (@gndupdates) February 28, 2023

The Bottom Line

If this ends up happening, it would definitely be a long shot. Though it remains a possibility and would definitely be an economic benefit to Idaho.

The fact that such measures are being discussed in places like Oregon and Idaho shows just how wide the gap is growing between patriots and progressives.

Places like Texas are also discussing independence once again nand some have floated the idea for Florida. It’s clear that the patience for progressive tomfoolery is reaching its limit.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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