Cruz Calls Out Biden for Being a “Spineless Jellyfish”

GOP Senator Ted Cruz recently discussed the continuing conflict in Ukraine on an episode of his podcast series called Verdict With Ted Cruz.

He emphasized that if one wanted to prevent the start of World War III, one shouldn’t choose the likes of Joe Biden, who he likened to a spineless jellyfish, to be president.

Cruz Criticizes Biden

Cruz stated the White House caused the war by lifting the sanctions against both Russia and its president, Putin, to allow for Nord Stream 2 to be constructed.

According to Cruz, both Ukraine and Poland begged Biden to not allow the pipeline to be finished. Their reasoning was if Nord Stream 2 was allowed to be completed, Russia would definitely attack Ukraine.

Biden chose to ignore the pleas of the two countries and instead treated Russia with more leniency than he has ever treated China.

The senator claimed Biden was directly responsible for starting this conflict by virtue of his political foolishness.

On Biden’s conduct and decision-making, Cruz stated this is a concept that Biden and most of his fellow Democrats don’t grasp. It is provocative to be weak.

Biden’s frailty just makes our enemies stronger. Appeasement is ineffective. Yet, ironically, the likelihood of war increases the weaker you are.

Want to stay out of World War III?

Don’t elect a spineless jellyfish like Joe Biden to be president. #Verdict

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) February 23, 2023

This is when Cruz stated in order to avoid World War III, one can’t vote in a “spineless jellyfish” to be the president.

He explained that Biden appears to be weak and helpless to the United States’ enemies. This is not helped by the fact that Biden chose not to respond to the Chinese surveillance balloon for more than a week while it traveled America and recorded information.

Cruz criticized Biden by saying he felt that, as president, Biden did not respond as a clear-thinking president should; he didn’t ask the important question of what he should be doing to protect the country.

Instead, he allowed the surveillance balloon to travel America for exactly eight days before responding to the threat.

Absolutely correct! @SenTedCruz: “You want to stay out of WWIII? Don’t elect a spineless jellyfish like Joe Biden to be President. Because our enemies view him as so weak, he sits there for 8 days while a Chinese spy balloon conducts espionage on the US & does nothing.”

— LionHearted (@LionHearted76) February 25, 2023

Cruz then went on say that shooting down the balloon is like walking with Zelensky in Ukraine and having the air raid alarm sounded off in what is clearly a show for the cameras.

Cruz argues it was a stunt for the press and meant to make Biden look tough, almost as if Biden was bragging.

America Loses Faith in Biden

Unfortunately for Democrats, American citizens have not been impressed by Biden and his slow response to the surveillance balloon.

They are left wondering if Biden is truly the commander-in-chief that they want at the helm while the United States is under threat and facing so many opponents.

Cruz stated the more vulnerable and weak Biden is, the more deadly America’s adversaries become.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.

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