Sick Senator John Fetterman is ‘Sponsoring’ Laws From His Hospital Bed

Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania was pushed into running by the Democrat Party in order to tip the balance of power in the Senate. He’s a political prop and has undergone intense suffering, including a psychological breakdown, as a result.

The fact that Fetterman could barely talk after his stroke and needed to be resting didn’t matter to the Democrats, nor, apparently to his wife Gisele. In fact, Gisele recently made a run for Canada, leaving her husband to suffer alone.

Now, he’s in the hospital and gravely ill, but somehow he’s still “sponsoring” bills in the US Senate.

How Exactly Does This Work?

Fetterman has sponsored several bills now, despite being interned at Walter Reed for depression and being rushed to the hospital again recently for physical dizziness and other problems.

Yet, last week he sponsored a bill on Wednesday and then another on Thursday against child labor.

Fetterman’s office has not taken kindly to people asking questions, but chief of staff Adam Jentleson has said his recovery from the stroke is going much worse than expected.

He’s also called into question the way Fetterman was pushed into running an intense campaign for political reasons when he really just needed to rest.

This bill would:

Increase employer civil penalties

Establish criminal penalties for willful or repeated violation of child labor laws

Ensure all working minors are protected regardless of classification

— Senator John Fetterman (@SenFettermanPA) March 2, 2023

GOP Calls for Fetterman To Resign

There are a growing number of voices from the Republican Party calling on Fetterman to resign. His stroke last May was very serious and the lies told by his doctor Clifford Chen are very serious.

The fact that Chen appears to have given him the stamp of approval and lied on his medical report would be a crime if true. It also potentially puts Fetterman’s life in danger.

The fact of the matter is that whether you love him or hate him, on just a basic level John Fetterman is a human being and he deserves basic respect for his health and well-being.

The way he is being used to still push out the legislative agenda while his medical condition is not even clear is outrageous.

His wife and everyone who knows him should be speaking out against this, but the voices of concern are few and far between.

We did some scary things but we did them together. We ziplined over Niagara Falls and August got stuck . We talked about flexibility and the need to always have an open heart and an open mind.

— Gisele Barreto Fetterman (@giselefetterman) February 24, 2023

The Bottom Line

John Fetterman and all who care about him need to encourage him to step down and look after his health. This isn’t about politics anymore or, at least, it shouldn’t be.

Of course, the GOP has its own political reasons for wanting Fetterman out, but just for questions of basic health, he should indeed either step down or more details should be released about what is going on with his health.

The Democrat Party has become power-crazed and doesn’t seem to have much concern for the real health of people, as long as they can continue advancing the legislative agenda.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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