You’ve Heard of Drag Shows, Now Get Ready for Drag Shows With…Babies?!

After the events that unfolded during last year’s Pride Month, it’s hard to be surprised by anything the woke mob comes up with, but even so, this latest development was unprecedented.

As sick as it sounds to say we’ve gotten used to seeing children attending drag shows, a drag show intended for audiences aged five and under is something no one could’ve expected. Honestly, just the thought of it is revolting.

Revolting footage of baby drag shows goes viral on social media

As it turns out, the viral footage comes from events hosted by Cabababarave, a British organization that specializes in hosting these events for toddlers where adult men can “perform” in sexually explicit outfits in front of babies.

Video of a British cabaret show for young children has emerged featuring a drag queen doing handstands in a thong. The show is aimed at “parents & their babies.” The CABABABARAVE has an upcoming show on March 11 as part of @VAULTFestival. HT @Dominiquetaegon

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) March 1, 2023

The infamous LibsOfTikTok account shared some of the footage on their feed, causing an uproar of bewildered replies, with a small number of mental cases actually defending the events and organizers.

One of the videos shows a man in leather bondage apparel performing an act while tied up with ropes hanging from the ceiling, with other performers wearing extremely revealing clothing and sometimes even holding children.

To no one’s surprise, the organization behind the event made their socials private the moment the clips went viral. A number of their upcoming events have already been canceled, except for one scheduled for March 11th.

The said event is tagged as a “cabaret and burlesque” while also being “family-friendly,” somehow.

For reference, this is one of the screen recordings I was sent from this organisation called Caba Baba Rave, that targets BABIES.

Absolutely abhorrent.

— Dominique Samuels (@Dominiquetaegon) March 1, 2023

“family-friendly”…as if

Cabababarave describes their events as an exciting experience for parents and their babies, completely ignoring the fact that “entertainment” of the sort was never intended for the crowd they’re aiming for.

On top of this, the two women behind the events claim themselves to be performers-turned-moms who just couldn’t give up on their “art” and who are constantly looking for new ways to have fun while interacting with their children.

According to Lizzie and Gemma, they just couldn’t stand a single second more of the good old “Wheels On The Bus” song and wanted to provide a genuine entertaining event for parents, one where their child can also have fun and enjoy the program.

CABABABARAVE has released a statement on its Instagram saying it is the victim of an anti-trans and anti-non-binary “trolling attack.” It says their controversial drag thong performance for the babies is age appropriate because infants don’t comprehend what is happening.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) March 3, 2023

However, an event where grown men wearing thongs can carry your child around isn’t exactly considered to be family-friendly fun, at least not to any sane parent who cares for their child’s wellbeing.

The gender identity community has proven itself to be avid child groomers time and time again. The last thing we need is a bunch of men in drag parading around our kids like it’s a normal and acceptable thing.

The world has gone too woke in recent years. Even if you dare speak up against this nonsense, you will have sealed your fate and the online cancel culture will take care of you in a matter of days.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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