Biden Raises Eyebrows With New Endorsement

Joe Biden has been forced to adjust to the new power change in Congress. During the first half of Biden’s presidential term, he enjoyed the advantage of having Democrats lead the Senate and the House of Representatives.

This one-party rule let the president get legislation passed without having to work with the other side in any capacity. However, this will not be the case for what remains of his time in office.

While Democrats expanded their majority in the Senate, they also lost their majority in the House of Representatives to Republicans. This means Biden no longer has a blank check to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Last week, however, the president managed to raise some eyebrows when he visited the Senate, per Associated Press.

An Interesting Turn of Events

On Thursday, when the president took a trip to the Senate, he amazed many people upon coming out against D.C. Council shifts that involve controversial measures, such as making carjacking a crime with less serious penalties.

Biden then confirmed that if the Senate agrees to overturn the aforementioned measures, he’ll sign that bill into law. This stance surprised much of the country, due to the fact that Republicans also disapprove of the changes made by the D.C. Council.

I support D.C. Statehood and home-rule – but I don’t support some of the changes D.C. Council put forward over the Mayor’s objections – such as lowering penalties for carjackings.

If the Senate votes to overturn what D.C. Council did – I’ll sign it.

— President Biden (@POTUS) March 2, 2023

In a roundabout way, this means the president actually endorsed the Republican view on this issue, rather than the view of his own party. Following Biden’s Senate visit, Sen. Chuck Schumer, the majority leader of the chamber, expressed his belief that lawmakers will be able to reach bipartisan backing on various bills within the next two years.

In another interesting twist, some Senate Democrats have shown a willingness to join their GOP counterparts in reversing the shifts made by the DC Council.

Seeing the Writing on the Wall

Biden and some fellow Democrats breaking with their own party in regard to crime measures passed by the DC Council truly speaks volumes. It shows that the writing is clearly on the wall.

Democrats are even beginning to come around to the notion that permissive attitudes towards crime are not popular. They’re certainly not going to help Democrats in their elections.

Crime is so bad there from Democrats allowing it, they have no choice.

— Johnny Midnight (@its_the_Dr) March 5, 2023

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot learned this the hard way when voters of the left-wing city denied her a second term in office. There are rumors that this outcome alarmed Biden and some other leftists who are working out how they should take on crime.

What do you think about the DC Council passing measures that make penalties for serious crimes less severe? Are you surprised about the stance Biden took on this issue? You’re welcome to let us know where you think this will lead in the comments area down below.

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