Trans Advocates Accuse NY Times of Erasure

A spokesperson for the Gray Lady reported that one of its staffers was subject to an incident of being “spit at” by an individual angered by the newspaper’s alleged “efforts to erase transgender individuals.”

This alleged event occurred during a time of ongoing backlash from activists who accuse the “paper of record” of providing a platform for “transphobic” perspectives.

Keynote Speaker Defended the Reporting on Transgender-Related Matters

On Thursday, The Times hosted its yearly “State of the Times” conference.

During the conference, A.G. Sulzberger, keynote speaker, defended the New York Times’ reporting on transgender-related matters, citing Emily Bazelon as an example.

Bazelon authored a feature in 2022 that explored the opposing views within the medical field concerning gender transition therapies for young people.

Here is the relevant part of Sulzberger’s address.

— ErikWemple (@ErikWemple) March 2, 2023

Despite criticism from activists who accused Emily Bazelon’s article of promoting an “anti-trans agenda,” Sulzberger staunchly defended the journalist during the conference.

He lauded her work, stating she “empathetically and meticulously explored the dispute within the medical community about treatment options for transgender adolescents.”

Sulzberger, whose father was former publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., went on to name a number of other New York Times reporters who have faced criticism from activists over their coverage of transgender topics. He commended reporters for their “compassionate and meticulous reporting” about the subject.

Sulzberger strongly rejected any allegations that the New York Times had a negative agenda towards transgender individuals. Instead, he reiterated the newspaper’s commitment to providing objective, nuanced coverage of issues relevant to the trans community.

Sulzberger also condemned the relentless attacks and harassment directed towards New York Times staff members in the wake of its coverage of transgender-related topics.

He expressed concern over the safety of journalists who have received threats and harassment, including a colleague who was recently confronted in her neighborhood and spat on.

In today’s remarks, Sulzberger highlighted the “types of harassment that our journalists have faced,” according to a Times spox, and in that context noted that a Times employee was spat upon last month in public. 2/

— ErikWemple (@ErikWemple) March 2, 2023

News Outlet Facing Internal Divisions Over Issues of Its Reporting

The New York Times has been facing internal divisions over the issue of its reporting on transgender-related topics. This incident is causing significant turmoil within the organization.

In a recent incident, a number of prominent New York Times journalists publicly criticized their own union.

This happened after the head of the NewsGuild of New York accused management of making threats against staffers who signed public letters opposing the newspaper’s coverage of transgender issues.

A group of Times employees had signed an open letter circulated by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), which accused the newspaper of advertising an anti-transgender bias.

Following the public letter signed by several Times staffers criticizing the newspaper’s coverage of transgender issues, Executive Editor Joe Kahn and Opinion Editor Kathleen Kingsbury issued a stern warning to employees about publicly airing their grievances regarding the paper’s editorial policies.

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