University Assistant Professor Triggers Controversy With New Demands

Education is a hot-button issue in US politics these days. Right now in this country, there’s an ongoing debate about appropriate curricula to teach students at all levels, whether they’re in kindergarten or college.

As things currently stand, the debates are falling largely across partisan lines. The likelihood of coming to a consensus that can be mostly agreed upon by both sides is also looking slimmer and slimmer.

Unfortunately, various culture wars and clashes about what’s suitable for educating young minds and what’s not continue to emerge. One of the latest fights in this regard follows a recommendation made by university assistant professor Angel Jones, as reported by New York Post.

Yet Another Fire to Put Out

Jones works with Southern Illinois University and raised eyebrows with her latest recommendation for African-American educators.

According to Jones, she believes African-American educators ought to be granted bereavement in the wake of upsetting news that pertains to race or racially charged incidents.

In making this assertion, the university assistant professor questioned why educators who look like her should have to go back to work for “business as usual” in the aftermath of racially charged incidents involving black people.

Your race isn’t the problem, your reputation is, and it’s well earned…

— JoeBloggs (@DoorGunnerAlph1) March 6, 2023

Later, she compared her call to the bereavement leave that some company workers receive when they lose someone in their family. This was cited by Jones, who then declared that “black bereavement leave” ought to be a policy applied across the board.

As far as universities and colleges go, Jones believes these institutions should provide black educators with not just bereavement leave, but also counseling services.

Considerable Backlash From the Public

Jones calls for black bereavement leave did not go over well. In fact, they only added fuel to the fire that is heated rhetoric over the right course of action for education in America.

The university assistant professor was subsequently accused of race-baiting and attempting to divide people. Critics of Jones also said what she was asking for isn’t reasonable or even feasible to maintaining a viable education system.

Time to allow those who love me to refill my cup. Time to remind myself that the brightness of my light isn’t dependent on others’ ability to withstand it. And time to heal before I head back in the fight and continue to walk in my purpose. (2/2)

— Angel Jones, PhD (@AngelJonesPhD) March 4, 2023

The issue of critical race theory was later brought up in reaction to what Jones called for. This, too, is a hot-button issue with some curricula choosing to teach various forms of critical race theory across different levels of education.

On Twitter, Jones has posted screenshots of some of the backlash she’s recieved from people who disagree with her. Deeming her critics as “racist trolls,” the assistant professor declared she isn’t going to let the backlash stop her or silence her.

What do you think about an assistant professor with Southern Illinois University demanding black bereavement leave? Do you believe this is a positive or negative idea? You’re free to share your feedback about this latest development in the comments area.

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