FBI Hit With Troubling New Accusations

Across the board, public trust in America’s institutions has significantly declined. Many people throughout the country fear that these institutions are not above lying to them, breaking the law, or otherwise engaging in illegal, unethical acts if doing so fits a certain agenda.

Folks with these concerns often warn about a deep state that’s pursuing its own goals and objectives at the expense of what’s best for the country.

Over the years, this suspicion has only increased. In 2023, there’s no sign of it dying down anytime soon.

Right now, the latest institution to land in the hot seat is none other than the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), according to Washington Examiner.

Shocking New Reveals

According to records now in the possession of Washington Examiner, the FBI joined forces with the country’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Secret Service, and even various medical facilities in order to take away Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Per the aforementioned documents, the FBI did this without having any approval from Congress whatsoever.

With sensitive and illegally obtained information at the FBI’s disposal, the agency deprived folks of their rights to use, possess, or purchase firearms by deeming them as dangerous or not competent enough.

Never forget.

Feb 28, 1993 – Apr 19, 1993, the ATF and FBI massacred 82 innocent men, women, and children.

Never give up your guns. pic.twitter.com/1gAlzKKmWs

— Dylan Allman (@DylanMAllman) February 28, 2023

Part of the FBI’s modus operandi in this regard entailed arriving at targeted individuals’ homes and having them sign forms acknowledging them as dangerous or otherwise unfit for gun ownership, purchase, or use.

Republican lawmakers, gun rights activists, and attorneys who specialize in the First Amendment each raised concern about this information that’s recently come to light.

So far, the FBI has yet to release a public statement on revelations revealed by Washington Examiner. Unsurprisingly, there’s also been no word from the Biden administration.

What Else is Being Hidden?

News about how the FBI worked to target certain Americans and deny them their Second Amendment rights is chilling to many folks nationwide.

However, the revelation of the FBI’s actions from Washington Examiner begs to question what else has yet to be revealed. It very well stands to reason that what the FBI did in regard to the Second Amendment is not the first time the agency crossed lines.

This explains everything… Tucker’s reporting IS accurate!!! The tapes confirmed it!! The Uni-party Deep State SWAMP are pissing their pants. Media outlets are outraged because the truth is exposed. They lied and everyone knows it.#PanicInDC
The best is yet to come. pic.twitter.com/1WTRuW6nbA

— Outlaw Bonnie Parker (@OutlawBParker) March 8, 2023

There is also a real likelihood of ongoing corruption with additional government agencies that has yet to be revealed. As things stand today, no one can truly tell just how deep the rabbit hole goes or what else may come to light in the months or years ahead.

However, amid news of the FBI going after Americans and having them forfeit their gun rights, it’s safe to say that trust in public institutions will likely see further declines.

What do you make of the latest breaking news that’s come out about their FBI? Do you believe there is more information that has yet to be discovered? You’re welcome to use the comments section as your sounding board.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.

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