Illegal Aliens Getting Millions in Free Healthcare and Depriving Americans of Care

Joe Biden is the best thing that’s ever happened for illegal immigrants. Since Biden took office, over 4.6 million illegal aliens have been caught crossing into the United States from Mexico.

That’s just those who have been caught.

Many of these undocumented migrants head for Texas and California, while border states such as Arizona are also being swamped.

One city in Arizona now says it’s having trouble giving healthcare to Americans because there are so many illegal aliens who require lifesaving medical care.

Welcome To Yuma, Arizona

In 2022, over 98,000 illegal immigrants were caught crossing the border just in the area near Yuma, Arizona. Although some of the 98,000 were deported back after being caught, the majority were allowed in.

Yuma is a city of only 97,093 people led by Republican Mayor Douglas Nicholls. It has had trouble handling this massive influx of illegals.

This is especially true of the healthcare system, which is giving out lifesaving care to illegal aliens who often arrive with no money or are in debt to dangerous cartels. These cartels are tracking them and expecting them to pay back their journey by working in America.

Not only are many of these illegal immigrants poor and desperate, but many also have serious diseases and illnesses that need treatment as soon as possible to save their life.

Yuma’s hospital estimates that last year, it already gave out about $26 million in healthcare to illegals that was never paid back. Not only is this a huge strain on the city, but it also uses up space that legal residents need when they are sick and require care.

Hospital CEO Robert Trenschel testified in front of the US Congress recently about how dangerous this has become and how it is blocking legal residents from having access to the medical care they need.

President and CEO of Yuma Regional Medical Center Dr. Robert Trenschel tells @RepMcClintock how illegal immigrants have negatively impacted the ability of legal residents to get medical care.

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) February 24, 2023

Part of a Pattern

Yuma’s situation is far from the only case of this kind of travesty. In 2021 alone, Texas public hospitals handed out $717 million to treat illegal aliens without money to pay for lifesaving care.

Already, studies five years ago showed US taxpayers paying out $18.5 billion per year toward treating illegal aliens. That number hasn’t been updated since 2018, but it’s certainly much higher now.

In places like Yuma, staff says that migrants do usually really appreciate the help they’re getting, but others are rude and entitled.

When you have Americans unable to get healthcare because of non-citizens who are getting free treatment, there’s no doubt that a very big problem is taking place.

“We’ve had people in our ICUs for over 60 days… They’ve needed dialysis, heart surgery, cardiac catheterization, I mean, they’re sick when they come over…It prevents us from doing other things we normally do for our community,” Dr. Robert Trenschel

— Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) February 27, 2023

What’s the Solution?

Healthcare isn’t free for Americans; why should it be free for illegals? The solution is to secure the southern border now and stop playing games.

The country can’t continue in this way without the rule of law and without putting citizens first.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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