Vendors Flee San Francisco Farmers Market as Drug Addicts and Homeless People Take Over the Streets

A popular farmers market in San Francisco is suffering as vendors flee due to the taking over of streets by drug addicts and homeless people from a nearby tent encampment.

Once again, the lives of law abiding people are negatively impacted by the policies of Democrats who refuse to enforce laws and protect the interests of the taxpayers who pay them.

Why do the people of San Francisco put up with this?

FOX News reports:

Vendors abandon popular San Francisco farmers market as drug addicts overtake streets

A San Francisco resident is warning that one of the city’s popular farmers markets is on the verge of extinction after being “taken over” by drug dealers and addicts from nearby homeless encampments.

Jenny Chan, who shared a photo online that shows how encampments have overwhelmed the Civic Center, described the city as on its way to becoming “the next Detroit” on “Fox & Friends First.”

“People are leaving. Businesses are closing down. It’s very unacceptable to live this lifestyle. I mean, the farmers market used to be the heart and soul of our city, and now we can’t even have that,” Chan said Tuesday.

Chan described how many of the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market vendors have been replaced by drug dealers, saying only five vendors remain.

“We used to have rows and rows of crates of fresh vegetables, and now part of it is taken over by drug dealers on the sidewalk. There are vendors with stolen goods.”

Chan said farmers feel scared to sell their produce at the market, describing the area as “dangerous” now that homeless people and drug addicts have overwhelmed the area.

“Would you want to shop like that? Would you want to shop for vegetables in the place where addicts are on the floor suffering?”

Why are homeless drug addicts allowed to rule the city?

In San Francisco restaurants are being forced to close because homeless Junkies won’t let the staff in

— Jake Shields (@jakeshieldsajj) March 7, 2023

It doesn’t need to be this way.

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