Dems Can’t Handle Tucker Carlson’s Truth and Charisma

It’s safe to say the left-leaning crowd has entered a panicked state. They’re demanding that Tucker Carlson is taken off the Fox News network, now that January 6th surveillance footage has been leaked.

The Democrats did their best to keep the videos under wraps, but recent action taken by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy allowed the Fox host to share them with the world, uncovering what the left has been hiding for two years at this point.

Tucker Carlson is under fire from the snowflakes on the left

With this newfound information, it becomes very clear that the committee in charge of the January 6th incident has been releasing misleading information for the most part; whereas some of it was just downright false.

Tucker Carlson on Chuck Schumer calling for this show to be pulled off the air:

“That’s not an argument based on logic, it’s based on hysteria and the shame you feel as a weak and terrified person when your lies are exposed.”

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) March 9, 2023

Of course, the Democrats aren’t too big on transparency; they’re only willing to support the idea if it works out in their favor.

Because of the outrage that may come in the following days, Chuck Schumer went as far as demanding that Carlson be removed from the air, which probably won’t be happening any time soon.

What sort of politician has the power to obscure this sort of information from the general public?

What even gives him the authority to call for the removal of a news host over the release of information that could be crucial to a very divisive case that’s been dragged on for far too long, if one considers the evidence was practically hidden in plain sight?

Many have argued that Schumer’s demands were totalitarian or even fascist. Most of all, they’re hypocritical, seeing as the left’s been crying about the supposed “end of democracy,” even though they’re the ones actually invoking it.

I pray for Tucker Carlson’s safety. He’s going up against the most evil people in history.

— Juanita Broaddrick (@atensnut) March 8, 2023

What’s so scary about the truth?

That being said, Carlson has announced he’ll be showcasing even more footage from the January 6th riots, regardless of Schumer’s comments about the information being a threat to democracy in the US.

There’s no democracy, to begin with, if the people aren’t allowed to see what really happened at the event that Democrats have been using to demonize conservatives for the past two years.

The very fact that this is even up for discussion is disgusting. It signals that the entirety of the left has been involved in a conspiracy of the highest order, all for the sake of manipulating the masses into accepting their narrative regarding the events of January 6th.

Jean-Pierre condemns Tucker Carlson for telling “a false depiction” about January 6 and then says it was “a violent attack that cost police officers their lives.”

No police officers were killed on January 6.

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) March 8, 2023

If there had been no foul play regarding the footage, Schumer should have nothing to be afraid of. Carlson is merely showing the absolute truth and that never sits right with the Democrats.

In fact, no one forced the January 6th committee to hide the truth. It’s evident they purposely tried to obscure and twist it to the point where it actually aligns with the left’s agenda.

What it all boils down to is Schumer is afraid of everyone knowing the truth. Now that the so-called “insurrection” he’d been crying about has been proven to be false, he knows he’ll be paying for the consequences of his actions.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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