Jordan Peterson Barred From Testifying Before Congress About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a real part of everyday life around the world. Programs like ChatGPT and Alexa are playing considerable roles in how people work and communicate.

However, artificial intelligence is not without controversy. Some people believe this technology is the next step that will help everyone evolve, grow, and become more efficient.

Critics of artificial intelligence, on the other hand, worry that it will have a negative impact on vulnerable people, especially their abilities to find work as more manual tasks are automated.

Last week in Congress, the Senate held a hearing that pertained to the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence.

However, the hearing quickly went off the rails when Democratic lawmakers banned together to keep clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson from testifying about the matter at hand, according to the Daily Wire.

Mayhem Ensues During AI-focused Senate Hearing

Peterson was invited by the Senate Homeland Security Committee’s GOP members to share his thoughts remotely about the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

However, as Republicans prepared to welcome the clinical psychologist, Democratic Sen. Gary Peters, the chairman of the committee, determined that Peterson wouldn’t be permitted to remotely address Congress.

Peters’ official reasoning for this alleges that Peterson’s appearance just wasn’t doable. Republican lawmakers, such as Sen. Ron Johnson, warned that Democrats were simply barring Peterson’s testimony because they don’t like his opinions on other matters.

Senator Ron Johnson announces @SenateGOP refusal to participate in the Senate hearing as a consequence of my appearance cancellation at the hands of @SenateDems and, more specifically, @SenGaryPeters who also did not tell the truth about why the invite was rescinded:

— Dr Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) March 9, 2023

Because of Democrats going around the invitation that Republican senators submitted to Peterson, the latter group left the hearing altogether. GOP members had previously noted that Peterson’s expertise made him more than qualified to testify before Congress about artificial intelligence.

Sen. Johnson specifically noted that his Democratic colleagues’ insistence that it wasn’t feasible for Peterson to appear remotely was nothing more than a “ruse.”

Taking Censorship to the Next Level

Senate Democrats joining together and refusing to let Peterson provide insightful congressional testimony about artificial intelligence comes amid already-existing censorship in this country.

Social media companies, for example, have been called out for censoring viewpoints that lean to the right of the political spectrum. The same also goes for various colleges and universities accused of ostracizing students who don’t share left-wing views.

— Dr Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) March 9, 2023

On Twitter, Peterson also noted that Democratic Sen. Peters was not honest about the explanation he gave regarding his blocked testimony.

Finally, Senate Democrats made no indication that they plan to facilitate a potential rescheduling for Peterson’s remarks. This, alone, supports Republicans’ warning that Democrats simply had a vested interest in keeping Peterson away from Congress.

What do you think about Democratic lawmakers stopping testimony from clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, even after Republicans invited him to speak? You can let us know where you stand on this in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.

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