Woke Students at America’s Biggest Catholic University Try To Ban Christian Youth Group

DePaul University was founded in 1898 and is the biggest Catholic University in America.

It’s named after 17th Century French priest, St. Vincent de Paul, a beloved saint known for his compassion and for dedicating his life to serving the poor.

However, like many other universities, DePaul has gone very far left and more and more of its students embrace woke, far-left extremism. That’s not the case with everyone on campus, however.

Christian group the Vessel still holds true to Biblical values. Despite being small, they were doing OK at DePaul. They’re not even an official university group, just a gathering of Christians who get together.

Now, that’s changing, as students are circulating a petition to get them banned for not approving of LGBT ideology. Yes, seriously.

‘Spreading Hate’

Recently, the Vessel posted on their Instagram that living an LGBT lifestyle is “sinful.” This agrees with Biblical doctrine, which holds that non-heterosexual acts are sinful, as are things like theft, adultery, lying, and many other things.

Though many left-wing DePaul students got outraged about this and started circulating a petition to get the Vessel banned from campus and officially denounced.

The petition says that being “homophobic” has zero excuses in 2023 and the “abhorrent” beliefs of the group call for an official reprimand. DePaul is a private university. Its leadership can do what they want in this situation.

Though the idea that you can’t choose to call something “sinful” if you want seems very un-American.

If gay students got a student group together and said being straight is “sinful” in their eyes, would they get hounded and have people trying to ban them?

DePaul students: ‘Eliminate’ Christian group for calling LGBT lifestyles ‘sinful’ https://t.co/ibZuMrjTMo via @collegefix

— The College Fix (@CollegeFix) March 8, 2023

What is the Vessel?

From the way their opponents describe them, you might think the Vessel is some kind of extreme group of hooligans who go around harassing people.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The group has even made it clear that LGBT folks are welcome to come to their study groups and events. They were simply citing Biblical doctrine and their beliefs on Instagram.

The petition to get the Vessel banned, however, says that by being “non-affirming” of being LGBT, the Vessel is causing discomfort to the “large amount” of LGBT DePaul students.

The Vessel isn’t even officially registered yet, but this kerfuffle is certainly getting some notice. The student activists want to get the group preemptively banned and ensure any attempt to become official is already sunk before it can start.

How dare a small group of Christian students at a Catholic campus have a group that says it agrees with Catholic teaching on homosexuality?! Three college Karens lead campaign to kick them off DePaul campus.https://t.co/ke5gKkgkLm

— Rod Dreher (@roddreher) March 9, 2023

The Bottom Line

DePaul University hasn’t commented on this story. You can see why: university administrations who aren’t fully woke mostly just wish these kinds of fake controversies would go away.

Sadly, that is not an option. They’re going to have to say where they stand and soon.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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