Biden Regime Gives Top Woman’s Award To a Man

On March 8, the world celebrated women for International Women’s Day. This was a time for women to be proud of who they are and assert their value in the world.

Whereas for the Biden regime here in the United States, this was a time to virtue signal and disrespect women everywhere. Want proof?

Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken handed a special White House ‘Women of Courage’ award to one biological man in a cringe ceremony.

Erasing Women

While the rest of the world was trying to celebrate women, Dr. Jill Biden, alongside Blinken, handed out a top award for brave woman to a biological man.

They praised and showered him with accolades for being a transgender man who believes he is a woman and has faced persecution.

Apparently, people being mean to you now makes you a woman and means you are extremely brave, rather than mentally ill.

The award was one of 11 awards total given out to brave women and went to transgender activist Alba Rueda from Argentina. Rueda was praised for being a man who believes he is a woman and has undergone gender therapy.

Biden celebrates #InternationalWomensDay by highlighting a biological male.

First Lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken awarded Alba Rueda, a biological male & transgender activist from Argentina, one of 11 of the International Women of Courage (IWOC) Awards.

— Caleb Parke (@calebparke) March 8, 2023

Rueda’s Role

Statesman Post is here to tell you the unvarnished truth, even if it can get uncomfortable at times. The ugly truth is always better than a beautiful lie; so, let’s look at this honestly.

Who is Rueda? A transgender activist who fights for the legal and cultural acceptance of transgender people to be assigned whatever sex they choose.

Argentina is a traditionally Catholic nation, or at least it was. They legalized abortion in December 2020, despite widespread opposition. Now, transgenderism and radical gender theory are also gaining ground in Argentina.

None of this is a mistake, obviously.

It’s part of a sickening worldwide tide of woke extremism and far-left cultural Marxism that seeks to uproot, confuse, and conquer people’s hearts and minds, particularly in formerly traditional, family-centered nations.

International Women Of Courage Award goes to a biological male

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) March 8, 2023

Trolling Women With Trans Activists

Handing this award to a trans woman is the Biden regime’s latest way of trolling and disrespecting women.

It’s also a slap to American taxpayers to pay for this radical to come into their midst and get showered with liberal applause.

What about the 3.9 billion actual women who could have been given the award? Being a female is a sex, not a gender.

Feeling you are a woman or having some female hormones does not make you a woman. It makes you a person who suffers from a serious mental illness called gender dysphoria.

Rewarding and validating mental illness as a form of progress is truly disturbing and is a direct assault on the identity, value, and beauty of real women. It’s time to start directly calling out the lies of this regime and its puppets.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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