Scandal Surrounds House January 6 Committee

The chairman of the January 6 committee claimed on Wednesday that the body never truly examined the important film of footage from that day.

This claim was made after Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson broadcast Capitol video surveillance earlier in the week, revealing yet another lie from the congressional committee and infuriating Democrats, as well as their media friends.

What Did They Hide From Us

Fox News broadcast the video of the incident on January 6, 2021 during Monday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Today,” undercutting the select committee’s claim that it was a “deadly rebellion.”

Carlson’s crew examined more than 40,000 hours of the film after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy granted them access to it.

The material provided evidence the panel had doctored the video and audio recordings to emphasize violence for its electoral made-for-TV hearing.

Nevertheless, select convener Bennie Thompson stated in a letter to CNN on Wednesday night that the group never examined the groundbreaking video Fox News broadcast this week.

Though Thompson’s confession that his committee did not conduct adequate research is absurd. Legislators haven’t had access to the same information that they have as staff members since when?

Did not one of the nine panelists watch the video aired in front of the cameras? Does Thompson have any idea how the tapes were accessed?

Were the former TV executives the only ones they used to make their kangaroo courts? The panel disclosed original content to CNN. Either Thompson is lying and understands precisely who had permission, or he gave Vice Chair Liz Cheney the key and did nothing else.

No Questions Answered Yet

The Federalist’s questions were not answered directly by Thompson’s office.

The video Carlson broadcast last week that refuted the main claims of the panel was evidently available to the panel. For all, members of the committee boasted incessantly about the number of documents — more than 35,000 — that the researchers looked at.

Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House, simply refused to make the audio available and it is now obvious why after Carlson’s disclosures. Pelosi utilized the panel to avoid being held accountable for her own inability to protect the Capitol.

I’ve never been verified on Twitter so why did my Tweet used in the fact-free impeachment include a verification badge? I’m assuming Democrats faked it like they are faking the whole case. @RepSwalwell why did you add a verified badge to my tweet in your presentation?

— Jennifer Lynn Lawrence (@JenLawrence21) February 10, 2021

The “QAnon Shaman,” a person known as the face of the “uprising,” was treated like a VIP by authorities, according to Carlson’s report.

The recordings showed Brian Sicknick, a Capitol policeman who has since passed away, moving around “vigorously” during fights with demonstrators who were accused of murdering him.

The video also revealed that unidentified rioter Ray Epps had misled federal investigators about his location on the day of the riot, but the panel stood by the “insurrectionist.”

The same video Fox made available was uncovered by Democrats working on Pelosi’s investigation, according to evidence Carlson’s team found on Monday.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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