Proud Boy Attorney Demands a “SPECIAL MASTER” to Look Into Evidence of FBI’s Witness Tampering, Destruction of Evidence and Fabrication of Documents – PAPER TRIAL EXPOSES DIRTY FBI-DOJ COLLUSION!

Today Proud Boy attorneys are cross examining an FBI agent that they caught blatantly lying under oath last week.

Multiple motions were filed over the weekend by Proud Boy lawyers accusing FBI Special Agent Nicole Miller of Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, witness tampering, destruction and   falsifying of evidence.

The Proud Boys fight for their freedom in a D.C. Courtroom. #FreeTheProudBoys

“The drama continues in court today,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution.  “From what has transpired so far, the Dishonorable Judge Kelly continues to give reasons for his own impeachment by the GOP House. Kelly has proven he is part of the prosecution team once more, limiting the lines of questioning defense attorneys can use in their cross examination of the treacherous FBI Agent Miller. Kelly has again violated his oath to the Constitution and Due Process for citizens who come through his court. SHAME ON JUDGE KELLY. He must be investigated and impeached immediately.”

Judge Timothy Kelly

See the RT below by reporter Julie Kelly:

And there ya go. Judge Tim Kelly once again rubber stamping DOJ demands.

“Much ado about nothing,” lol

Keep in mind Kelly is a longtime creature of DOJ—he worked for years in DC US Atty office, the same office prosecuting every J6 case.


— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) March 13, 2023

Special Agent Miller has been caught in an avalanche of lies and alleged illegal acts with fellow agents. “Miller has spent the past two years obsessing over burying the Proud Boys as an agent assigned to their case and became overzealous and arrogantly careless,” said Ryan.

In messages that included her fellow agents, concern was expressed over whether the FBI would look foolish due their lack of proof in charging the Proud Boys with conspiracy. They displayed concern over “whether a conspiracy even exists in this case” and how they could “go after them (Proud Boys) with conspiracy and not make a fool of ourselves”.

The Proud Boys fight for their freedom in a D.C. Courtroom. #FreeTheProudBoys

Please help #FreeTheProudBoys HERE. This fund has been critical in paying Patriot attorney’s expenses that are working this case for free or little to nothing.

Additionally, another FBI agent asked his colleague Miller to go into a Confidential Human Source report and edit out that he was present.

See excerpt from motion below: Read excerpts of an excellent motion summarizing the atrocities committed by Special Agent Miller filed yesterday by Proud Boy Attorney Roger Roots in italics below:

“Special Agent Nicole Miller’s messages from fellow FBI agents contain extremely casual discussions of evidence tampering, witness tampering, destruction of evidence, and fabrication and alteration of documents relating to CHSs among Miller and her FBI colleagues. These acts constitute serious federal crimes including obstruction of official proceedings, wire fraud, honest services fraud, falsifying records, evading a taint team and evidence tampering. The unceremonious and uninhibited nature of Miller’s discussion of committing these serious crimes suggests an FBI culture of corruption and lawlessness that must be immediately stopped, and fully investigated.

Further, SA Miller’s hidden messages reveal casual discussions among the FBI regarding the monitoring of codefendant Rehl’s trial strategy, Rehl’s defenses and “interesting” points, and ways the government can get around Rehl’s defenses. Contrary to assertions by the United States, this monitoring was explicitly intentional, knowing, systematic and willful (“need to find other emails”). Additionally, these messages indicate Miller’s (and the FBI’s) awareness that the government’s conspiracy claims in this case are false and that such allegations can only succeed by trickery and overzealousness by the U.S. Attorneys Office.

Special Agent Miller, of course, is the very agent who lied to Jeremy Bertino during the government’s interrogation of Bertino, in order to trick Bertino into falsely pleading guilty to crimes he didn’t commit. (After Bertino repeatedly said there was never a plan among Proud Boys to enter the Capitol or disrupt Congress on Jan. 6, Miller deceptively misinformed Bertino that Enrique Tarrio had authored “1776 Returns!”—causing the shocked Bertino to falsely plead guilty and wrongly agree to cooperate and testify against Proud Boys.)”

Were this trial to go forward it would be a due process violation. Given that there is evidence the government carefully crafted its prosecution around defense strategy communications unlawfully, intentionally, systematically and deliberately gained from attorney/client privileged communications, no new jury or new trial could cure the violations.

And given that FBI agents in this case have engaged in evidence tampering by destruction of hundreds of pieces of evidence; engaged in fabrication of records and evidence tampering by altering documents relating to a CHS; knowingly monitored codefendants’ and witnesses’ financial and family situations in order to pressure them into testifying and cooperating, this case is fundamentally tainted beyond repair.

Accordingly, this case must be dismissed en toto and with prejudice.

**Please help #FreeTheProudBoys HERE. This fund has been critical in paying Patriot attorney’s housing and legal expenses (like hero attorney Roger Roots that is working this case for FREE).

Roger Roots, patriot attorney working this case for FREE.

Even if the Court were to overlook this massive trail of FBI corruption and the trial were to proceed, defendants have a right to cross-examine Agent Miller regarding all of these crimes, her missing emails, her discussions of violating defendants’ 6th amendment rights, her discussions of evidence tampering, and her discussions of altering documents involving CHSs in this case.

All January 6 prosecutions should be paused for evidentiary hearings and investigations by a Special Master and Special Counsel.

Special Agent Miller’s discussion with other FBI agents of evidence- and witness tampering is so casual that it evidences a corrupt culture among the FBI, and cries out for the immediate halt to all January 6 prosecutions. Not only did FBI agents examine attorney-client communications, but they did so knowingly, intentionally, and with intent to craft their cases in response to defenses evidenced in intercepted attorney/client communications (“I need to find other emails, . . .”). At no time did Agent Miller or any FBI agent rebuke or denounce a colleague during discussion of these crimes and violations by the FBI.

Further there is mention of evading a “taint team” in Miller’s messages. Upon recollection and belief, Miller’s fellow FBI agents indicate hopes to “avoid taint review”—meaning the FBI is explicitly making a mockery of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment restrictions in order to wrongly convict the defendants. (e.g., “I’m hoping to avoid the taint review completely. . . .”) Thus, the ad hoc creation of a new taint team would be pointless.

**Please help #FreeTheProudBoys HERE. This fund has been critical in paying Patriot attorney’s housing and legal expenses (like hero attorney Roger Roots that is working this case for FREE).

Reminiscent of FBI’s COINTELPRO- On March 8, 1971, a cab driver, a day care provider, and two professors broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, to rummage through FBI file cabinets. As activists in the antiwar movement the activists suspected they would find files on themselves and other dissidents. The group stole more than 1,000 classified documents. Hunches proved correct. The FBI had been engaging in massive unconstitutional surveillance aimed at disrupting dissidents of all kinds. The files revealed an alternate universe
among FBI spies and officials, where the constitution meant nothing, and virtually every limit on the Bureau’s authority was systematically disregarded.

FBI tried to pressure newspapers to hush the story, but news ultimately broke of the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program — COINTELPRO —a covert program of spying, disruption, entrapment and illegal operations.8 Forgery, blackmail letters, illegal payments, threats, and illegal operations became evident throughout the files. FBI agents were even trying to blackmail Martin Luther King into committing suicide. One purpose of COINTELPRO was to spread fear of the agency’s lawlessness, and to “enhance paranoia” among critics of government. Fast forward to March 2023 in this case: after fifty years, the horrors of FBI’s cult of omnipotence has resurfaced. The claim of “classified” has a notorious history in federal court dockets. It is significant that the very first time the U.S. government used “classification” as an excuse to convince courts to cover up government documents, it was later proven to be a government fraud.

The “State Secrets privilege” originated in United States v. Reynolds, 345 U.S. 1 (1953). In Reynolds, the widows of three civilians who died in the crash of a military plane in Georgia filed a wrongful death action against the government. In response to their request for the accident report, the government insisted that the report could not be disclosed because it contained information about secret military equipment that was being tested aboard the aircraft during the fatal flight. When the accident report was finally declassified in 2004, it contained no details whatsoever about secret equipment. The government’s true motivation in asserting the state secrets privilege was to cover up its own negligence.

The public interest outweighs any government interest in concealing these documents. Finally, the public’s interest in the lawlessness and criminality revealed in Special Agent Miller’s messages far outweighs any interest in keeping such information concealed. Roth v. U.S.
Dept. of Justice, 642 F.3d 1161 (D.C.Cir. 2011)

For all of the above stated reasons, along with those stated in Pezzola’s motion to dismiss, Pezzola prays for an order
1. Dismissing this case with prejudice;
2. Appointing or requesting the appointment of a special counsel;
3. Appointing a special master;
4. Scheduling extensive evidentiary hearings; and
5. Releasing defendant Pezzola from custody.”

**Please help #FreeTheProudBoys HERE. This fund has been critical in paying Patriot attorney’s housing and legal expenses (like hero Roger Roots that wrote this motion and is working this case for FREE). Your donation will go towards Roots writing more motions like these EXPOSING the FBI and DOJ.

Enrique Tarrio, Chairman of the Proud Boys drinking fraternity, fights for his life in a. D.C court room.

See Proud Boy Attorney Roger Root’s full motion here:

Roger Roots is defending the Proud Boys for FREE. Please support him by donating to the link below.

This comes during the trial of the Proud Boys in Washington D.C. as the prosecution wraps up their case. During cross examination of FBI Agent Miller last week, Attorney Nick Smith brought paper evidence and proof that the FBI agent lied on the stand and allegedly tampered with evidence. He was able to trap the agent into lying on the stand and committing perjury. See part of the courtroom transcript below:

Q. Agent, one of your obligations as a case agent in this matter is to provide the
prosecutors in this case with written statements that you’ve made about – that relate to the
subject matter of your testimony. Is that right?
A. It is.
Q. Okay. And you understand that that’s a legal obligation?
A. I do.
Q. There’s a law that imposes that duty. Correct?
A. Yes.
Q: You said you complied with the government’s request to produce [your] Lync
statements relating to the subject matter of your testimony. Correct?
A: I did.
Q: Did you withhold any statements that relate to the subject matter of your testimony
that you made in the Lync messaging system?
A. No.
Q. So you provided every statement that you made in Lync that is related to the subject matter of your testimony?
A. Yes. I believe so.
Q. You didn’t withhold Lync messages about whether a conspiracy exists in this case?
A. Now that I’m aware of.
Q. You didn’t withhold Lync messages about whether Aaron of the Bloody East was not
involved in the planning chats?
A. Not that I’m aware of.
Q. Okay. And did you withhold Lync messages about whether inaccurate CHS-related
information should be disclosed to the defense?
A. No.
Q. Okay. Did you withhold – have you ever gained access to the contents of attorney-
client communications involving defense trial strategy in this case?
A. Not that I can think of. No.
Q. So another agent didn’t tell you he had gained access to attorney-client
communications about a Defendant in this case?
A. Not that I can think of, no.

Turns out the Agent was flat out lying through her teeth. Smith admitted into evidence an Excel spreadsheet that was accidentally given to the defense by the DOJ, and had thousands of hidden cells (lines of information).

**Please help #FreeTheProudBoys HERE. This fund has been critical in paying Patriot attorney’s housing and legal expenses (like hero attorney Roger Roots that is working this case for FREE).

According to a motion filed yesterday by attorney Nick Smith:

“As the Court knows, the government produced to the defense an Excel spreadsheet containing Jencks statements agent Miller compiled for her testimony from FBI’s Lync messaging system. The sheet contained approximately 25 rows of Lync messages. However, a
close examination of the agent’s sheet revealed thousands of hidden Excel rows of Lync messages—over 11,900 in total. The hidden Lync messages were mostly sent from other agents to Miller rather than from Miller to other agents. However, even a passing glance at the hidden messages to Miller revealed missing messages from Miller. That is because the agents communicating with Miller in the exchanges can be seen responding to messages from Miller—which were absent even from the hidden Excel rows. These missing messages were plainly Jencks statements as they “relate[d]” to “the subject matter as to which the witness has testified,” to say the least. 18U.S.C. § 3500(b). Whether or not the missing messages formally constituted Jencks materials, however, they plainly contradict Miller’s testimonial responses to these questions.”

Read Smith’s excellent motion here if you are interested in the details of how the brilliant attorney trapped the FBI agent into blatantly lying under oath:

**Please DO YOUR PART help #FreeTheProudBoys HERE. This fund has been critical in paying Patriot attorney’s housing and legal expenses (like hero Roger Roots that wrote working this case for FREE). Your donation will go towards Roots writing more motions EXPOSING the FBI and DOJ.

The Proud Boys march as free men before their persecution by the Biden Regime. #FreeThePRoudBoys


Cara Castronuova is a co-Founder of C.A.P.P. Citizens Against Political Persecution (an organization that fights for the political prisoners of January 6th).

Cara is an Activist, Investigative Journalist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Television Personality. You can watch her on Newsmax at 10PM EST every Saturday night and at 3PM EST on Sundays on “Wiseguys”. You can follow her on & Twitter or Instagram  @CaraCastronuova. She is currently banned on Fakebook & suing them for defamation of character.  You can contact her via the C.A.P.P. website at or if you have any tips or would like to volunteer.

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” Phil 4:13.

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