Congressman Matt Gaetz Investigating FBI’s Ties To Leftist Extremist Organization

Congressman Matt Gaetz has been pursued by the far left for a long time now. They tried to stick false accusations against him and failed; he’s continued fighting for the American way.

There’s a reason Gaetz is a target: he’s effective and he knows exactly what to focus on to stand up for patriots.

His latest focus is on a very shady non-profit organization that helps with legal advice and services called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC also gets very involved in “civil rights” and is used by the FBI to determine who is an extremist or terrorist.

There’s just one problem: the SPLC is a radical organization whose former member is literally a terrorist and which has incited terroristic violence.

Gaetz wants to know why the FBI uses them for researching extremism.

SPLC Needs To Be Investigated

Gaetz is calling for an investigation of the SPLC. The reason is not just the various shady and anti-conservative writing that is put out by them.

It is a fact that the FBI uses its material to define terrorism and profile terrorists. To put it bluntly, the SPLC hates conservatives, white Americans, patriots, and Christians.

They hide under the mantle of protecting minorities in order to rage and incite violence against traditional America and the rule of law.

This isn’t some exaggeration, it’s literally what the SPLC does, continually moving the needle on what is “extremism” until the point that anybody right of them is considered an “extremist.”

SPLC lawyer Thomas Jurgens was arrested just last week for domestic terrorism after trying to light a police training area on fire with Molotov cocktails and burning vehicles.

As Gaetz noted, the SPLC is now basically “SPL-Qaeda” and America needs to have a full investigation of what they are up to and why.

“The SPLC has essentially converted to SPL-Qaeda. They gaslight violence against conservatives while masquerading as an authority on civil rights,” Gaetz told FOX News Digital in a statement.

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Answers Demanded

Three Florida members of the GOP wrote to FBI head Chris Wray in February, demanding that he explain why an FBI agent in Reichmond had put out a violent incitement against Catholics.

In his report, the agent claimed Catholics who attend Latin Mass and believe in traditional Catholicism are “white supremacists” who are potentially a terrorist threat to the United States.

This report was written with no actual evidence behind it. It appeared to rely on fake propaganda issued by the SPLC to spread hate against traditional religious people who do not agree with gay marriage and abortion.

As Gaetz said, why is the FBI “relying” on a group that is literally tied to “domestic terrorism?”

These “weaponized agencies” like the FBI need to be closely looked at by House Republicans, Gaetz said, adding that the FBI has not responded to his criticisms.

The only response so far from the FBI has been to admit that the Richmond anti-Catholic bigotry fell short of their standards for a realistic report.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Blasts Fellow Congressmen For Using SPLC Smears to Attack Members of Our Military

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This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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