Hollywood’s Notorious Anti-Christian Bias

Rainn Wilson, who is best known for his role as Dwight Schrute in the critically acclaimed television comedy “The Office,” recently opened up about what he perceives to be anti-Christian prejudice in the entertainment industry.

The actor was inspired to make those statements after watching an episode of “The Last of Us,” a television series adapted from a well-known video game. In that episode, a group of Christian soldiers committed heinous acts of violence against others.

I do think there is an anti-Christian bias in Hollywood. As soon as the David character in “The Last of Us”
started reading from the Bible I knew that he was going to be a horrific villain. Could there be a Bible-reading preacher on a show who is actually loving and kind?

— RainnWilson (@rainnwilson) March 11, 2023

Showing Christians in a Bad Light

Wilson admitted the incident was made up, but he also thought it propagated bad perceptions about Christians.

He further said he believes Hollywood is predisposed to portray Christians in a negative light, whereas other religions are often portrayed in a more positive light.

According to his argument, this prejudice stems from a general lack of diversity in the entertainment industry, as well as a lack of awareness and education on Christianity.

The statements made by Wilson have revived a discussion that has been going on for some time concerning bias and representation in the entertainment business, particularly in relation to religious topics.

While some people debate that Hollywood’s depiction of Christians is cruel, others point out that Christians have historically held positions of privilege and power in American society.

Rainn Wilson saying the quiet part out loud in hollywood.

But I mean its Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann writing the last of us so not shocked they changed the character from a cannibal in the game to a Christian preacher. pic.twitter.com/XKnWc17mFB

— ultrapurwater (@ultrapurwater) March 12, 2023

Other Religions Too

It is evident that religion has been a divisive topic in Hollywood for a number of years. This is true regardless of where one stands on this particular issue.

On the one side, Hollywood has a long tradition of depicting religious figures and themes in television and films; this includes both historical figures, as well as more contemporary ones.

Likewise, Hollywood has been accused of perpetuating negative stereotypes about members of many religious groups, most notably Muslims and Jews, in some situations.

Wilson, for his part, emphasized he does not believe in suppression and he favors freedom of expression in the arts, particularly regarding artistic creation.

Yet, he also urged the entertainment industry to make a greater effort to comprehend Christianity and to portray it in the stories that they tell appropriately.

He believes if there was more diversity in Hollywood, both in terms of the characters who are shown on screen and the people who work in the writing rooms, it could be possible to overcome some of the prejudices that now exist.

Wilson’s remarks contribute to a bigger discourse in Hollywood around issues of representation and diversity.

Despite the fact that strides have been made in recent years, there is still a significant distance to travel until the entertainment business accurately represents the multifaceted makeup of American society.

Yet, if more people are willing to speak up as Wilson did, there is a chance we may start to see actual change.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.

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