New Possible Changes Coming to Wisconsin’s Voter Rolls

A huge part of secure elections is making sure that voter rolls remain as current and up to date as possible. When voter rolls are outdated or otherwise not up to par, this can cause problems and open the door to foul play or allegations of foul play.

It’s also worth noting that keeping voter rolls up to speed is often easier said than done. When someone moves to a different state, their name should no longer appear on the list where they no longer reside.

When someone passes away, their name should also be removed from the voter rolls.

Republicans have long emphasized the importance of voter roll management in this country. However, Democrats often challenge this with accusations of racism and voter suppression.

Despite these unfounded allegations, it appears as though Wisconsin’s voter rolls will be appropriately cleaned up, as per The Gateway Pundit.

A Closer Look at New Changes to Wisconsin’s Voter Rolls

Right now, Wisconsin’s voter rolls are believed to have close to four million names of individuals who are either deceased, no longer residing in the community, or otherwise ineligible to remain on the list.

It is for this reason that Wisconsin’s Senate Committee on Government Operations, Elections and Consumer Protection is preparing a hearing that will center around removing these names.

BREAKING: Wisconsin Republican Senate has started the process to scrub their voter rolls of 3.8M extra names and phantom voters.

— Leading Report (@LeadingReport) March 16, 2023

Some of the ineligible individuals on the aforementioned voter rolls are also felons, nonexistent individuals, and even persons who are not American citizens.

Scrutiny of Wisconsin’s voter rolls emerged in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election. Concerns about foul play in Wisconsin’s elections specifically materialized amid questionable statistics tracking the state’s 2020 voter participation.

If all goes as planned, Wisconsin will be able to clean this up and put concerns to bed, notably as America gears up for the 2024 presidential election.

Backlash From Democrats

Unfortunately, the efforts of Wisconsin Republicans to make sure all the voter rolls are up to par is controverisal. Democrats, for instance, are lashing out, accusing Republicans in Wisconsin of suppressing the vote.

This is a frequent talking point that comes from the left, with little evidence to back it up.

So glad to have Scott Pressler working in Wisconsin! We must win the Supreme Court election and the Green Bay mayor race amongst others! If we loose these two big races, Wisconsin will never be red again! Clean your local voter rolls!!FJB!!

— ChasethePatriot (@ChasetheP) March 9, 2023

During the time when states passed laws to ensure that elections were secure and free of cheating, Democrats again charged these states with suppressing the vote and trying to keep minorities from engaging in elections.

Conservatives have reacted positively to the idea of having voter rolls that are up to date and representative of the state’s eligible voter base.

Do you think Wisconsin is making the right call by making sure its voter rolls are where they should be in terms of eligible participants? Do you think other states should take similar action to ensure their voter rolls are all good?

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.

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