New Talk Rises About DeSantis Entering 2024 Presidential Election

In the Republican Party, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has consistently seen his stock rise, especially since 2020.

Many GOP members were impressed with how he handled COVID and the pressure to implement different mandates, for starters. DeSantis also impressed conservative voters as a result of his stances on parental rights, education, and more.

The Florida governor recently put out a new book and is traveling across the country for various speaking engagements. Because of this, there is a lot of anticipation concerning whether or not he’ll take the leap and run for president.

According to sources close to DeSantis, if he does announce, it’ll likely happen closer to May when the Florida legislative session wraps up its business.

In the meantime, the Florida governor’s impacts on the 2024 presidential election are already being analyzed, as documented by the Daily Beast.

DeSantis Leaves a Footprint

While the Florida governor hasn’t confirmed any intentions to run for president in 2024, all signs seem to indicate this is the path he’s chosen.

Of course, people who don’t want DeSantis running are already making this known. Some have started attacking the governor’s personality, taking shots at his levels of charisma, and more.

He decided not to run for another term even though his seat was a lock because he wanted to be closer to his wife because they just had another baby and because he wanted to be able to do more for Floridians. This man isn’t motivated by money or power but by a sense of purpose.

— UnfilteredBoss (@Unfilteredboss1) March 17, 2023

Despite the governor’s success in Florida, there are also questions being raised about how he will do on the national stage. For instance, some officials have made it clear that running for governor is different from making a presidential run.

Should DeSantis officially get into the 2024 presidential race, Americans will have a much better look at what he has to offer, his polling against other GOP contenders, and more. Right now, much of what’s taking place is speculation.

Americans Place Their Bets

So far, 2024 presidential election polls show that DeSantis is either right behind Trump or leading the former president. The Florida governor also remains widely touted as having the best chance of stopping Trump from securing the GOP nomination.

Last week, Rep. Chip Roy also came out with a strong endorsement of DeSantis for president. The House Republican declared that it is time for “a new generation of leadership” that is both “proven” and “younger.”

Ron DeSantis for President of the United States #NeverBackDown #DeSantis2024

— Chip Roy (@chiproytx) March 15, 2023

Other Republicans, such as Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders, also expressed support for a change in the party’s generational leadership. Time will tell how age impacts the 2024 presidential election, notably during the primaries as Republicans choose which candidate to nominate.

In the weeks and months ahead, the American people can look forward to more polling, news, and other updates regarding the 2024 presidential election and its different candidates.

What do you think about the impact Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is having on the 2024 presidential election? Do you believe DeSantis will announce that he’s going to run for president later this year?

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.

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