“A Weird Hill To Die On” — Socialist Party Mocked For Childish Description Of Barter System As “Not Capitalism”

Socialists have a hard time understanding how the real world works.

The Socialist Party sent out a tweet giving a childish description of the Barter System.

So, Jack’s a carpenter. His neighbour Jean’s a baker. Jean has some doors with loose hinges. Jack says he’ll fix them and doesn’t want anything for it. Jean says she’ll give him some cakes anyway, as a gift, even though she doesn’t have to. How can anyone think that’s capitalism? pic.twitter.com/MWMLdxrcIZ

— The Socialist Party (@OfficialSPGB) March 16, 2023

They were mocked over their post.

One user pointed out how little support the tweet actually got.

Hilarious how as of this writing, this post has less than 20 retweets agreeing with it, while all the rest are QRTs dunking on it.

I have roughly the same number of followers as this entire political party’s account does and they’ve been around longer than me. That’s just sad. https://t.co/hFYs8DFsPc

— Oliver Jia (オリバー・ジア) (@OliverJia1014) March 17, 2023

Let me introduce you to a problem called the double coincidence of wants

— nic carter (@nic__carter) March 17, 2023

This is a weird hill to die on.

— Libertarian Party of Tennessee (@LPTN1776) March 16, 2023

i suppose someone grew the wheat as a gift, raised the cow for milk as a gift, milled the flour as a gift, built the machinery to do the milling as a gift, grew the strawberries as a gift, mined the metal for the hinge as a gift, built the machinery to mine the metal as a gift…

— hdretrovision (@HDRetrovision) March 17, 2023

Because those of us who’ve been in this cold hard world know that the world couldn’t work this way.

— Zaknel (@ZaknelThePony) March 16, 2023

Ok. Now find all the people willing to work for free.

— ❦ miniLuv ❦ (@minipaxminitrue) March 17, 2023

From each according to their ability to each according to their need

My family saw, unlike the previous socialist occupiers who paid their way, the Bolsheviks took as they wanted.

The communists were not kind, they helped only themselves.

What manner of socialist are you?

— Martinović Mirk-Wood (@red_bulldust) March 17, 2023

OK so, where did the:
Flour, sugar, hinge, screwdriver, oven, gas, electricity, strawberries, eggs, spatula, bowls, wood, apron, shirt, milk, screws, cake stand, door, water, metal and food colouring come from?

Did they just fix doors and bake cakes as gifts for those things?

— Harry (@Harry_of_WP) March 17, 2023

Don’t they know things cost money?

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