New Poll Reveals Sentiment on “National Divorce”

There is no secret that the United States remains very much divided, at this point in time. The right and the left have significant disagreements on issues ranging from culture to education, guns, appropriate candidates for president, and more.

Earlier this month, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene raised eyebrows when she said America needs a “national divorce” that would see red states and blue states split into two separate countries.

Critics immediately weighed in, with some accusing the Georgia GOP congresswoman of treason and sedition. However, since Greene raised this issue, it does beg to question how many Americans agree that a “national divorce” is appropriate.

The findings may shock some folks, according to the Daily Mail.

Where Americans Stand on the Prospect of a “National Divorce”

New polling shows that 20% of US citizens agree the time for a national divorce of the United States has arrived. The same polling also revealed that Republicans are more likely than Democrats to support such a proposition.

In the grand scheme of things, 20% is a relatively small bunch. However, when breaking this down upon population numbers, it amounts to more than 60 million Americans. To have this amount of US citizens agree with a national divorce simply speaks to how divided we’ve become as a country.

What a “national divorce” might look like…

— Mr. Beat (@beatmastermatt) March 17, 2023

Americans residing in southern or western states are also more likely to back a national divorce, as are lower-income earners and men.

Critics of a national divorce have pointed out that many blue states have strong red communities, just as many red states have blue strongholds within them.

Can America Ever Achieve Unification?

Whether or not this country can heal its divides remains very much up in the air at this time. When Joe Biden campaigned for the presidency in 2020, he said he would bring America together and heal divides.

It goes without saying that Biden has not lived up to this commitment. In fact, the president himself has directly furthered division in this country, trashing Americans who don’t agree with him as extremists and antagonists of democracy.

Will the arrest of Trump push us closer to a national divorce?

— Derrick Evans (@DerrickEvans_WV) March 19, 2023

It wasn’t too long ago that Biden was accusing Republicans who favor the filibuster of being racists. Never mind that when Democrats benefited from the filibuster during the Trump administration, they didn’t hesitate to make good use of it.

Time will tell what comes next for this country and whether divides get better or worse. In the meantime, despite recent polling, the realistic prospect of America truly splitting into two different countries – one red and one blue – remains highly unlikely.

Are you surprised to learn about the number of Americans who believe a “national divorce” is a good idea? What are your thoughts about the United States splitting into two separate countries?

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