Harris’s Speech at the NCAA Game Met with Booing from the Crowd

In typical Kamala fashion, our vice president appeared at an NCAA league game. She was showing support for her college team, which was up against Kansas at the Wells Fargo arena in Des Moines.

However, what she failed to account for were the thousands of fans who were less than happy to see her attending this sporting event, immediately booing her from the moment her face was shown on the big screen.

Kamala’s surprise appearance at the Bison’s game in Iowa left fans angry and confused

There’s not much to say about the Iowans who decided to boo the vice president other than words of immense praise. They decided not to cave to the woke figure and instead showed how they actually feel about her.

Sadly TBS, owned by the same people who own CNN, did not pick up the crowd noise at the game. But according to the NY Post, Kamala Harris was booed in Iowa when they showed her on the Jumbotron on Thursday.

America can’t stand the Biden Administration.

— Charles R Downs (@TheCharlesDowns) March 17, 2023

In fact, Biden wouldn’t have gotten a significantly different response either. Kamala is lucky she was allowed to stay in the arena, to begin with.

However, things would’ve been fine, had Kamala not been seen giving some Biden-inspired pep talk to the Bisons, which lost by a 28-point difference to the Kansas Jayhawks, who dominated the Thursday game.

She went on to praise the players for playing to the very last second, delivering some speech that you’d expect from someone who doesn’t know a thing about the league. It’s more than likely that Harris is one of them.

Her pointless speech was finished with her claiming that the Bisons are always winners in her eyes, almost as if any one of the players on the team could care less about her opinion on the game they’d just played.

With or without Kamala, the players did their best and no pep talk was necessary.

Watch this pep talk Kamala gives to a losing team in the NCAA Tournament.

Then realize we are one Joe Biden trip on the stairs away from her being President…


— Jason Robertson (@JRobFromMN) March 17, 2023

Twitter pulled no punches this time around

If we turn to Twitter though, we can see that they tore into Kamala much more than the actual crowd at the game did. Twitter users were delivering one-liners that will probably be remembered for years or at least when someone mentions the failure of Vice President Harris.

The California Wager official Twitter account stated every losing team should be forced to listen to Harris’s rant about the game as a form of punishment; whereas others felt pity for the Bisons’ players that had to sit through it all.

It’s not difficult to see Kamala’s speech as a form of cruel and unusual punishment for the losing team, especially as the video footage clearly shows none of them are in the mood to be listening to Harris at the moment.

Howard vs Kansas: During time out they showed Kamala Harris on the big screen and the crowd booed. pic.twitter.com/QfurEyQWaS

— Kathy Green (@GreenKM117) March 17, 2023

The pointless pep talk was only one of the numerous things Kamala’s been doing for absolutely no reason lately. Wat’s even more concerning is the one thing she isn’t devoting time to is her actual job.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

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