Impeaching Joe Biden Has Become a Real Possibility

News is coming out that indictments against President Trump are expected early this week, but while the liberal media goes haywire over this news, fresh scandal is also breaking over Biden.

Proof of payouts from a China Communist Party (CCP)-linked corporation to members of the Biden family are grounds for impeachment. Being bribed by a hostile foreign power is a very serious offense indeed.

What Are the Specific Allegations?

Specifically, State Energy HK Ltd., which is linked directly to the CCP was found to have paid $3 million to a corporation run by Biden family partner, Robert Walker.

Walker then paid out the funds to Hunter, Biden’s brother James, Biden’s daughter-in-law Hallie, and a fourth, as-yet-unnamed member of the family. This massive revelation was made by the House Oversight Committee, which said the payout took place in 2017 and constitutes a bribe.

State Energy HK was tied to a company named CEFC Energy China.  whose chief Ye Jianming was involved with Hunter in various business deals.

CEFC also started out on a deal that was supposed to be helped along by Biden as VP that was later abandoned. The exact terms of this deal aren’t known, but the House Oversight’s revelations are being denied as unimportant by Hunter.

Subpoenaed bank records reveal President Biden’s daughter-in-law Hallie received money transfers from John “Rob” Walker

Walker received $3M from State Energy HK Limited, an affiliate of now bankrupt CEFC China Energy

…creating an unexpected new avenue for investigation

— Prodigal (@ProdigalThe3rd) March 16, 2023

Hunter Responds

Hunter’s lawyers have responded, saying the “private business” he was in with Jianming is not nefarious in any way. They call the payout from HK “good faith seed funds” and said nothing illegal was done.

This is not at all how the actual process of events is looking. Hunter’s long list of ties including sitting on the board of Burisma in Ukraine looks very corrupt indeed.

Nobody is above the law. Promising favor and influence from your dad while sharing payouts from a CCP-linked company is far from “legitimate.” This demands further investigation and an impeachment inquiry should be launched at this point.

There is more than enough circumstantial evidence to start looking into the details of what was going on here and uncovering how Jianming was apparently trying to buy influence with the Obama Administration and Biden.

Hunter’s lawyers claim Biden family took money from “a privately-owned, legitimate energy company in China.” In fact, State Energy HK was affiliated with CEFC, run by CCP flunky and diamond gifter Ye Jianming, about whom Miranda Devine wrote.

— David Asman (@DavidAsmanfox) March 17, 2023

The Bottom Line

Impeachment proceedings against Biden have a very real grounding in these bribery revelations. It is time for subpoenas to go out and real impeachment proceedings to begin.

As the fake media circles like vultures over the issues surrounding President Trump, patriots need to remain clear-eyed about the very real and disturbing accusations against the Bidens.

What exactly was Hunter doing and why was the Biden family taking payouts from a CCP-linked company?

It’s time for impeachment proceedings to commence and get underway in full process. Let us see if the GOP is willing and able to move forward with it.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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