Anti-police Propaganda Spreader Hillary Ronen Now Calling For More Policing in Her District

It’s no secret that blue states are much more prone to high crime rates than their red counterparts. While it may have been difficult to pinpoint exactly why this was the case before, the recent attempts at defunding the police have brought some clarity to the issue.

The real problem lies in the fact that the liberals calling for the police to be defunded eventually come around. They realize what a horrible decision that was, usually when they come face to face with actual crime.

Policework is finally appreciated by the libs, somewhat

One such snowflake is San Francisco supervisor Hillary Ronen.

She was one of the leading advocates of the Defund the Police movement in 2020, only to now call for added policing in her district after she’d learned how important qualified police work truly is.

Lolol! She wanted to be clear in her tweet that she wanted to defund the police, now she is begging for Cops.

— Johnny Midnight (@its_the_Dr) March 19, 2023

As hypocritical and inexperienced as they come, Ronen claimed she’d called on the San Francisco Police Department to improve their services several times before, mainly in the Mission District, where she’s located.

According to Ronen, she’d felt betrayed by the department when they told her they don’t have enough staff to be sent to her district.

Instead of admitting her part in ruining the policing capabilities of San Francisco, Ronen went on to criticize the police department, the mayor, and just about anyone who’s got any say in the city’s priorities. It’s almost as if she hadn’t championed the movement that she’s now opposing.

Liberal hypocrisy goes a long way. The fact Ronen is even allowed to make public appearances after this is insulting to the police who risk their lives doing their job every day.

Life comes at you fast.

— Leighton 明 Woodhouse (@lwoodhouse) March 16, 2023

She’s still focused on defunding the SFPD

However, Ronen didn’t walk back on her comments regarding the police force, reiterating she’d like for the police to receive limited funding and for smaller numbers of officers to be on the force.

It’s pretty contradictive, considering she’s the one calling for additional units to be dispatched to her district, even though there are probably other priorities the San Francisco PD has to address.

We probably wouldn’t even be talking about this, had the city’s mayor, London Breed, not decided to redirect $120 million of funding from the police into the city’s other projects, most of which could be placed in the woke hall of fame in a couple of years.

To no one’s surprise, this led to crime rates in San Francisco going through the roof, much to the dismay of the liberals who supported this cause that would eventually come around to bite them.

Hillary Ronen 2 1/2 years ago

— Leighton 明 Woodhouse (@lwoodhouse) March 16, 2023

Unfortunately, the San Francisco PD has been struggling with a lack of staff for the past couple of years, leading to painfully long response times, which is often misinterpreted as the police not doing their job.

Ronen doesn’t even understand the amount of damage she’d done to the city of San Francisco with her divisive agenda. Now that it’s gotten so bad that San Francisco looks like it’s been in a small-scale war, she’s all for the police doing their job.

A 12-hour response time is embarrassing, to say the least. The SFPD is in desperate need of funding to cover all the blind spots that were created when the left was allowed to take away their funding.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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