Deadly Fungus Straight Out of a Horror Movie Growing Rapidly Across the US

The popular TV show “Last Of Us” may have gotten a bit out of hand. Health chiefs in the US are now warning we may actually have a similar fungus to deal with in the real world.

As it turns out, a highly contagious, deadly fungus has been spreading across the country lightning fast. The American College of Physicians is amazed at the appearance of this contaminant.

Highly contagious fungus sparks fears in the medical community

In fact, it’s barely ever detected in a natural environment. Yet, it’s managed to spread across the US at an incredible rate, raising cause for concern in the medical community.

Medical Emergency? The CDC Warns of a Contagious Fungus With Up to a 30 to 60% Kill Rate

Dr. Marc Siegel: “It’s possible that it will turn into something that could spread, have the mutations, and become a pandemic.”

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— The Vigilant Fox (@VigilantFox) March 22, 2023

However, the CDC had already identified the fungus Candida auris nearly three years ago. It’s been labeled as an urgent threat ever since, seeing as the mortality rate for those infected is around 60%.

That’s pretty scary, considering we’ve raised a global alarm for the COVID-19 virus. That only killed about 2% of the infected; yet, we’re only now hearing about how deadly a mushroom can actually be.

Research even found the number of infections nearly tripled in the past two years and some strains have even become resistant to the drugs that are used to treat the infection.

To top it off, it’s mostly transmitted among patients in long-term care facilities and those with equipped mechanical ventilators in their bodies.

While the average, healthy American is practically safe even if they are infected, the amount of people whose lung capacity has been in the past couple of years is astounding. This fungus practically preys on those with a weaker immune system.

Soooo now the CDC is saying there’s a highly contagious FUNGUS – Candida auris, also known as C auris with a KILL RATE OF 60% is now spreading throughout The United States

— ShotGunBonnie (@ShotGun_Bonnie) March 22, 2023

Fungus among us

Further research found transmission usually happens due to poor infection prevention in these centers, leading to a potentially deadly fungus spread that could’ve easily been avoided.

Some climate change activists have even begun using the spread as a crutch for their agenda, claiming the fungi are becoming much more common, due to changes in our environment that allowed for their continued growth.

Even though it’s hard to pinpoint what’s actually causing this surge in Candida infections, the numbers don’t lie. If you note that infections rose from only 1.3k in 2020 to nearly four times that in 2021, there’s definitely something to be worried about.

Weird how we didn’t have a “dangerous fungus” among us prior to the WHO getting involved and the federal government funding fungi vaccine research.

— No One (@tweettruth2me) March 21, 2023

The fungus itself isn’t exactly news, though. It was originally been discovered in India and South America over ten years ago, without a single clue as to how or why.

Ever since then, researchers have been working around the clock to develop a treatment for Candida auris, with little success, as it can quickly adapt to the drugs we’ve produced.

The biggest issue lies in how easily it can be transmitted, as it’s airborne, just like any other fungus. It reproduces through spores that are blown through the air, as well as through contact with a person who’s already been infected.

Make sure you’re prepared for mask mandates and disinfecting your hands whenever you enter an enclosed area…again.

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