Antifa BUSTED Infiltrating Pro-Trump Protest

Antifa is a far-left terrorist organization that helped burn down many neighborhoods in the summer of 2020. Following the death of George Floyd, they teamed up with BLM criminals to terrorize the country.

Now, a suspected Antifa member has been caught infiltrating a pro-Trump protest in New York. This shows just how wise the right has to be to the dirty tricks and deception of these people.

Let’s take a look at what happened…

Paid Antifa Actor Busted at Trump Rally

Recently as rumors swirled of the possible arrest of Donald Trump, protests have been taking place. This includes outside Trump tower and in Manhattan, where Trump supporters gathered to express messages of support for 45.

Yet not everyone there was friendly; one “protester” with an anarchist tattoo was busted by independent journalist Rebecca Brannon.

The man was shouting “Let’s Go Trump!” and getting the crowd into the chant and started arguing with someone else in the crowd trying to start a fight.

The Anarchist tattoo man was demanding the other person prove his allegiance to Trump when his tattoo was spotted and the crowd started to get suspicious. Who was this guy?

Well, we now have the answer…

After some digging, can officially confirm lots of suspicion surrounding the authenticity of the ‘Shaman Trump supporter’ who paraded outside the Manhattan courthouse for several hours to media yesterday.

He is aspiring actor Danny Wolverton aka ‘specialhead’ based in New York.

— Rebecca Brannon (@RebsBrannon) March 22, 2023

Meet Danny Wolverton

The man who was caught is a far-left wannabe actor who’s been on America’s Got Talent and is famous for viral skits on his YouTube channel.

This was a stunt that was meant to get clicks on the liberal media and start a fight or incident at the Trump protests. He was just trying to start trouble and accuse somebody else of being a plant in order to distract from his own phoniness.

Now that Wolverton has been busted and his Antifa sympathies exposed, he’s probably in for even more fame, however, since the left only rewards their own.

This kind of criminal incitement would get a conservative locked behind bars, but for a dirty communist like Wolverton, it’s no problem.

You’re totally wrong. The violent ones & those wearing gas masks were all Antifa/Anarchist ‘plants’. Much evidence of this & eye witnesses, too. NO Trump supporter brought a gas mask to the rally. Smoke is from Cops throwing flash grenades. So many anarchists there in disguise!

— Connie Graham (@ConnieG60544243) March 12, 2023

Lessons From J6

The Democrats won’t let us forget about January 6 and use it every chance they get. They even built up a fake “bipartisan” witch hunt committee to hunt down everyone who took a selfie in the Capitol that day.

What’s often failed to be mentioned is how the crowd of protesters was almost completely peaceful. Violence and inciting violence were provably linked to various informants and plants, including members of Antifa.

Did some Trump supporters get a bit rowdy that day? Sure. Some even crossed the line and smashed windows, hit cops, and made threats.

Whereas when you look honestly at Ray Epps and numerous other inside informants, you can see how a lot of violence was coming from people on the inside.

It’s time to wake up! Stay far away from any strange people calling for violence or trying to start fights at pro-Trump events.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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