Biden Regime Caught Paying Off Informants To Hit J6 Protesters With More Jail Time

The Biden regime has done everything it can to put each possible person behind bars who was involved in the January 6, 2021 protests.

US Marine Corps veteran and Proud Boys member Zachary Rehl is one of those who’s been behind bars since that day.

Now, new information is coming to light about just how low the Biden regime’s Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI are willing to stoop to nail J6 protesters and Trump supporters.

Motion filed by public defender for Zachary Rehl. Rehl is the nonviolent defendant denied bail for 2 years by Judge Tim Kelly.

Hernandez today asked Kelly to reconsider Rehl’s incarceration since he has a daughter he’s never held since she was born after he was arrested.

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) March 22, 2023

Sick New Information

Sick new information shows the DOJ put an FBI informant onto Rehl’s legal defense team to try to hit him with more jail time. Rehl didn’t harm anyone on J6 and is primarily a target because he is a member of the Proud Boys.

He has a young daughter he’s never even met since her birth just before his arrest. Also, he’s been told he won’t get bail during his two-year jail stay.

According to the legal documents now released, the Confidential Human Source (CHS) in question was an FBI informant who even sat in on prayers with Rehl’s family.

A Twisted Agenda

The intended purpose appears to have been to build a stronger case against Rehl and get him the maximum time behind bars. This was possible by being privy to what was going on with his defense and getting to know his family.

This informant was being paid by Biden’s DOJ to ensnare a political prisoner who they wanted to punish, in other words.

This CHS was even planning to come on as a witness at the trial. The prosecution didn’t reveal any of it until Rehl’s team became suspicious and demanded specific information on the individual which the judge allowed.

So prosecutors knew back in December that defense planned to call this person as a witness. For 3 months, not only did Graves’ office refuse to disclose the witness was an FBI informant, the individual continued to work as an informant, spying on defense, during trial prep.

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) March 22, 2023

The Bottom Line

The DOJ says what Rehl talks about with his family and lawyer is not private, since he is imprisoned. The fact that the FBI is paying people to rat out families and prisoners of those who took part in J6 is a new low.

Sitting in on prayer meetings and hoping “new details” could come out that would help bolster jail time is just sick, sick stuff.

This is Soviet-level behavior and that is no exaggeration. America is in deep trouble.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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