Fed-Surrection Update: Rotten FBI Agents Even Befriended J6 Protester and Tried to Convince Him to Create or Use Molotov Cocktails

Fi Duong entered the US Capitol in a Joker mask on January 6. Later FBI agents tried to set him up with Molotov cocktails.

Never, ever trust a SINGLE FBI agent even if your lift depends on it.

The FBI under dirty Chris Wray even sent operatives to befriend Trump supporters and convince them to commit illegal acts of violence.

FBI agents befriended Fi Duong while working undercover in the Trump crowds on January 6.

Undercover FBI agents then targeted and befriended Trump supporter Fi Duong following the January 6 Fedsurrection.

The FBI agent Jason Jankovitch tried to convince Duong to make a molotov cocktail so they could blame Trump supporters for carrying explosives.

The undercover FBI agent failed despite his desperate attempts to set up Duong so that they could jail him for several years. So the FBI added a second agent to try to set Fuong up. Despite their planning, plotting, staging and urging, Fi Duong would not mess with the FBI’s Molotov cocktails.

So the FBI swept in and charged him for entering the US Capitol and committing no violence.

This is how the FBI rolls. NEVER trust the FBI with more than a hello.

Via Stephen Horn.

The FBI undercover agent took a different approach with Fi Duong

After Duong allegedly brought up the topic of molotov cocktails in relation to the large number of glass bottles he had, the agent began pushing Duong to actually assemble and test an incendiary weapon

11/x pic.twitter.com/0m6Hxbweop

— Stephen Horn (@stephenehorn) June 13, 2022

Video was released from an undercover police officer this past week. The police officer was illegally urging Trump supporters to move forward, climb scaffolding and break the law.
This is more proof of the Fed-Surrection.

Yesterday, a video captured by an undercover police officer on J6 was leaked

This is the same officer who set Fi Duong up after meeting him on January 6th

For more information on Duong’s group, and how that infiltration turned out, see this thread I put together last year: https://t.co/hLioLLT4kJ pic.twitter.com/75HNT4oc1N

— Stephen Horn (@stephenehorn) March 25, 2023

Defendant Fi Duong.

This is defendant Fi Duong, who apparently had a prior relationship with the undercover officer. pic.twitter.com/hGRkRXG90P

— (@FreeStateWill) March 25, 2023

Just amazing that our government is setting up Trump supporters today. Such unethical and criminal behavior.

According to Agent Jankovitz, MacLaury claimed to have driven some Proud Boys from the airport to D.C. on January 6th before the riot

I couldn’t find any evidence or confirmation beside this 2nd hand account

7/x pic.twitter.com/yCCt6QXDP4

— Stephen Horn (@stephenehorn) June 13, 2022

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