Wild Night Across US! Deadly Tornadoes Ravage Multiple States, Earthquake Rattles Southern California

It was a wild night across the US.

Deadly tornadoes ravaged multiple states in the Midwest and South Friday evening and early Saturday morning.

A “catastrophic” tornado ripped through Little Rock, Arkansas on Friday.

More than 600 people are injured due to the tornado.

View from Little Rock Baptist moments ago! *video shot by Kristal Benton from the 7th Floor of Medical Towers 1. #arwx @NWSLittleRock @KATVToddYak @KATVJames pic.twitter.com/zX2xHoSMvz

— Sean (@_spcanady) March 31, 2023

A massive tornado ripped through parts of Iowa.

MASSIVE TORNADO. #IAWXA #wxtwitter @NWSDesMoines @NWSQuadCities pic.twitter.com/oVMGrx2sZl

— Hunter (@hunter_wx) March 31, 2023

A tornado caused a roof to collapse at a theater in Belvedere, Illinois Friday night.

260 people were reportedly at a concert when the roof collapsed.

Roof collapses during concert by Morbid Angel at the Apollo Theatre in Belvidere, Illinois.

There are reports of multiple victims#morbidangel #apollotheatre #belvidere #illinois #tornado #storm #weather #breakingnews pic.twitter.com/ptmYoSkm4o

— Crime With Bobby (@crimewithbobby) April 1, 2023

A tornado was also reported in Tennessee.

WOW. Look at this.

The #tornado north of Memphis is part of a storm that’s pumping SO much warm, humid air into the upper atmosphere that it’s causing ripples in density surfaces caused “gravity waves.”

Look toward top of loop.

We can see those gravity waves on radar. Wild. pic.twitter.com/9j7TqU1tP0

— Matthew Cappucci (@MatthewCappucci) March 31, 2023

Did you feel it?

Southern California was rattled by a magnitude 4.2 earthquake Friday evening.

Although a 4.2 magnitude quake is considered small for California, residents reportedly felt the quake in San Diego County and Orange County.

The quake hit near the Palomar Observatory in North San Diego County.

Earthquake! San Diego. Did you feel it? @CBS8

— Marcella Lee (@MarcellaNews8) April 1, 2023

People described the tremor as “two quick jolts.”

Yep, that was an earthquake! We felt 2 quick jolts here at the office.

No tsunami expected. #cawx https://t.co/IM5WRbxoR2

— NWS San Diego (@NWSSanDiego) April 1, 2023

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