News Network Moves to Hide Key Detail About Nashville Mass Shooting

In real time, many lives have been forever changed by the mass shooting that took place at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee last month. The perpetrator of the mass shooting was a transgender person who previously attended this school.

The lives lost include three very young children, in addition to three adult faculty members. A lot of pain, anger, and finger-pointing has emerged as the nation reacts and as those who are directly impacted work to pick up the pieces.

Unfortunately, CBS News is now coming under fire for trying to change how this story is covered in the press, according to Conservative Review.

This Won’t Go Over Well

CBS News remains in the hot seat for ordering its reporters to steer clear of mentioning that the mass shooter was a transgender person.

The network’s explanation for this alleges that there’s “no known relevance” between the mass shooter’s “gender identity” and the crimes committed. CBS News also claimed that if any change to what they’ve determined occurs, they’ll act accordingly.

At the “Trans Day of Vengeance” SoCalAntifa direct action yesterday following the #trans mass shooting in Nashville, the extremists shut down the road in Hollywood, CA & intimidated drivers. Video by @stormrobinson.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) April 1, 2023

To many Americans, this is a prime example of why the mainstream media is not widely trusted by the people. CBS News’ claim that the mass shooter’s “gender identity” hasn’t been personally confirmed by their own network also doesn’t hold water.

Law enforcement in Nashville has already confirmed the shooter was transgender. Also backing this up are various online postings and other details.

What Else is Being Hidden?

If networks like CBS News are willing to order their reporters not to cover a key aspect of such a major event, it begs to question what else is being swept under the rug.

Bodycam footage shows the moment #Nashville school shooter #AudreyHale was shot dead by police. #NashvilleCovenantSchool #Nashvilleshooting

— Donkey Junk (@DonkeyJunkMedia) March 28, 2023

Right now, there’s a real possibility that even more details about this story (or others) may be intentionally concealed from the public by the media.

If the press continues to hide information, regardless of how much or how little, there should be no surprise that Americans look at mainstream news coverage with doubt and suspicion.

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