Trump Boasts of Getting Along With Putin, Claims Nobody Was Ever Tough on Russia Like He Was

After finishing a game of golf in West Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday, former President Trump vented his frustration over his indictment on his social media network, Truth Social.

Trump praised his fervent followers for their unwavering loyalty and blamed the opposition for his legal problems.

He said thugs and insurrectionists from the radical left are swiftly destroying the country. Trump also claimed they were interfering in, rigging, and stealing their once-sacred elections by using the instruments of law enforcement and weaponizing the FBI and DOJ.

BREAKING: President Trump departs the golf course and waves to us as he leaves

— Greg Aselbekian (@GregAselbekian1) April 1, 2023

Legal Troubles

Trump seemed unfazed that he was scheduled to be arraigned in New York on Tuesday for a $130,000 hush payment reportedly delivered to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Outside his Florida mansion, he offered a thumbs-up to his cheering followers. On Truth Social, Trump changed the subject to the conflict in Ukraine, saying Russia would not have invaded if he were president.

Former President Donald Trump spent the weekend before his history-making arraignment playing golf, posting on social media, meeting with advisers, and calling and texting allies to tout the political positives of his recent indictment.

— CNN (@CNN) April 3, 2023

Trump claimed he and Putin get along well and no new wars were initiated during his four years in government.

Before even taking office, he promised to end the catastrophic war between Russia and Ukraine. Trump also claimed he could even stop World War III. He said the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a war crime that needed to halt immediately.

Putin in Trouble

Trump previously called Putin’s recognition of two Ukrainian “republics” as independent “brilliant” and “clever”; however, he had subsequently qualified those words by declaring they were said before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Trump said Putin is in a tight spot and the Russian leader probably wishes he hadn’t begun “this disaster.”

A few days before his indictment in New York, the erstwhile president made these comments. A $150,000 payment reportedly paid to former Playboy model Karen McDougal is also being investigated.

The second payment may represent a new fee or be part of an ongoing arrangement. Trump insists he will restore America’s greatness, despite his legal difficulties.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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