Biden Attorneys Knew About Classified Documents *BEFORE* Mar-a-Lago Raid! Not Stored in “Locked Closet”

Documents stored in Joe Biden’s garage.

Another day, another falsification.  Joe Biden’s former assistant as Vice President, Kathy Chung, testified today to the House Oversight Committee about the mishandling of classified documents by Biden since his time as Vice President.  We learned that as he left the White House, he took “boxes containing classified documents, vice presidential records, and other items” and had them stored in three separate locations throughout Washington D.C.:  an office near the White House, an office in Chinatown, and, eventually, the Penn Biden Center.

After Chung’s testimony today to the House Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer put out the following statement:

“Today we learned that when Joe Biden left the vice presidency, boxes containing classified documents, vice presidential records, and other items were stored in three different locations around the Washington D.C. area, including an office near the White House, an office in Chinatown, and eventually the Penn Biden Center.  At some point, the boxes containing classified materials were transported by personal vehicle to an office location.  The boxes were not in a ‘locked closet’ at the Penn Biden Center and remained accessible to Penn Biden employees as well as potentially others with access to the office space.  We need to find out who had access to these documents.”

Furthermore, it was reported that on November 2, 2022, Biden’s personal attorney came across “Obama-Biden administration documents in a locked closet while packing files as they prepare to close out Biden’s office in the Penn Biden Center.”  That date was also not accurate according to the statement released by Rep. James Comer.

According to the statement based on Chung’s testimony, this date was also inaccurate:

“We also learned that then-White House Counsel Dana Remus tasked Kathy Chung with retrieving these boxes from the Penn Biden Center as early as May 2022.  This story does not begin in November 2022, as represented by President Biden’s attorney.”

Biden’s attorneys reportedly notified the National Archives in November 2022 “after” the documents had been discovered while packing files.  In reality, according to the statement, the documents were found as early as May 2022, at least two months prior to the raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

This admission would call into question the raid that Biden was, allegedly, unaware of.  Much like the impeachment over a “quid pro quo” phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, despite Biden previously being recorded admitting to such a proposition, this now seems like the raid on Mar-a-Lago may have been a precursor for the inevitable investigation in Biden’s mishandling of classified documents.  President Trump, as President, had plenary power to declassify any and all documents at his discretion.  Biden, however, was not afforded that power as Vice President.

This new discovery also calls into question any political strategy that may have been considered by Biden and his personal attorneys to withhold this information until just after the 2022 mid-term elections where the raid on Mar-a-Lago was an influential talking point amongst democrat candidates.

The below clip of Biden on 60 Minutes did not age well.

That didn’t age well… Great find by @mirandadevine

— CannCon (@CannConActual) April 4, 2023

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