EMBARRASSING: Soros-backed DA Bragg Can’t Answer the What the Crime Is in His Case Against President Trump

Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg was on full display yesterday and he showed the entire world how dumb he is and how dumb his case is.  His press conference was icing on the cake. 

Yesterday the first President in US history was arrested on “34 felony” counts placed against him by DA Bragg in New York.  We learned that if you are going to indict the President, it’s probably best that you have crimes committed.

After the arrest, the corrupt and dumb DA Bragg held a press conference where he attempted to describe what the President did wrong.  Bragg blew it.

Bragg makes statements that the President committed crimes that he never fully describes.  He grabs accounting entries and somehow argues that these were crimes.  Then he mumbled through how these were election-related crimes without describing the connection.  We know this because

When describing the accounting entries he says that the entries started in “April, May, June and so on through the rest of the year”.

However, the indictment starts with accounting entries in February.  Bragg charges President Trump on the first seven counts for accounting entries in February and March.  Bragg must have forgotten about these.

Bragg claims that President Trump “held documents in his hand containing this key lie” – What lie?  How does he know President Trump held these in his hand?

It isn’t a crime to ask someone to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  This happens all the time, every day in US business.  Where is the crime?

Bragg says that it was against New York election law to pay an individual as part of a non-disclosure agreement.  This is BS.

Bragg says there were false statements in AMI’s books that violated New York law.  What the hell did President Trump have to do with AMI’s accounting practices?

Bragg says Cohen labeled his receipts from President Trump as income to the New York state tax authorities.  Therefore it was taxable for the state and the state made tax income on it.  It sounds like for the first time in history the state didn’t want this tax amount.

The only person making false accusations, in this case, was Bragg.

Next, the DA took questions, where he looked lost and confused.

At the 8:00 mark Bragg is asked what laws were broken and he refuses to answer.

Bragg continues to say President Trump tried to cover up an actual crime.  What is the crime?

Bragg says that Trump falsified business records to impact an election but the records were recorded by someone other than President Trump after the election.  How does this make any sense?

Timing is important in this case proving, like a Weissmann special, it’s all made-up.

Bragg says, “That’s the charge that is brought here, falsifying NY State business records.”  The only New York state business records law that is outside of US GAAP relates to taxes and from the documents provided, taxes were paid on these amounts. If there was a crime it would be a misdemeanor that passed the statute of limitations years ago.

This Bragg is a dummy.  His case is dumber.  And he just made New York look dumbest.  Who in their right mind would want to do business in New York after this?

Bragg cannot clearly describe the crimes because there are none. 

Here is Bragg’s press conference.  What a disaster.

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