Career Criminal Benefits from Lowered Charges Imposed by Dems

Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s District Attorney who is connected to billionaire George Soros, de-escalated severe charges levied against a convicted, long-standing offender. This comes as his office doggedly pursues 34 felony charges against the former U.S. President Trump.

Manhattan DA Bragg’s office lowers charges against career criminal

Recently, Bragg’s office chose to lower the level of felony charges imposed upon Rodney Johnson. This is a 53-year-old career criminal who has endured close to 90 detentions in New York City since 1987, as documented by the New York Post.

**REPORT: “Rodney Johnson, 53, who has nearly 90 busts on his rap sheet and two state prison stints under his belt, saw his felony robbery charges knocked down to slap-on-the-wrist misdemeanors by Bragg’s office last week.”**

— The First (@TheFirstonTV) April 5, 2023

Johnson’s most recent detainment was effected by the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

This occurred after him perpetrating thefts at a CVS store and Walgreens outlet in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood and pilfering air fresheners and detergent. At Walgreens, the thief threatened staff with pepper spray, in the event of any efforts to thwart his crime.

Subsequently, Bragg’s office laid charges against Johnson for the attempted robbery at CVS, specifying a third-degree offense. For the theft at Walgreens, he was charged with third-degree robbery, categorized as a Class D Felony as per the state’s criminal code.

However, during the court proceedings, Bragg’s office considerably diminished Johnson’s charges to the level of misdemeanors. The judge sanctioned bail at a mere $1.

Majority of felony cases downgraded to misdemeanors in the past year

It must be noted that Johnson previously absconded from a court-mandated intervention initiative on several instances, consequent to the felony robbery he perpetrated in 2021.

Alvin Bragg says we cannot normalize serious crimes, meanwhile he downgrades Rodney Johnson’s felonies to misdemeanors. You cannot make this stuff up! How can anyone look at this seriously support this poor excuse for a DA?

— Rustyflnc (@rustyflnc) April 5, 2023

Johnson’s extensive criminal record spans four decades, during which he has been detained close to 90 times.

Notably, he was previously imprisoned following a felony robbery conviction in 1994 and was later found guilty, then sentenced to prison, for grand larceny in 1998. Furthermore, in 2005, he faced allegations of threatening to murder his ex-girlfriend.

As reported by Breitbart News, Bragg’s predilection for reducing felony charges to misdemeanors has gained notoriety.

In the previous year, his office downgraded most felony cases to misdemeanors. By comparison, only 39 percent of felony cases in Manhattan were de-escalated to misdemeanors in 2019.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.

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