Banned in the UK: Tommy Robinson to Drop Latest Doc Today at 3 pm Eastern

Tommy Robinson will debut his latest doc at 2 pm Eastern time (8 pm UK) today, granting a glimpse at his latest film, which has been banned in the UK and can only be screened abroad.

Tommy recently visited the Danish Parliament at the invitation of the Danish Free Press Society and the Danish Peoples’ Party, who are firm believers in the preservation and fight for freedom of speech.

In 2018 at Almondbury Community School in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Syrian “refugee” Jamal Hijazi, 17, was originally portrayed as a victim of “racist attacks” by the UK press. Tommy documented how Jamal Hijazi was not the victim, but the bully in the case.

Tommy made the film SILENC£D about the massive conflict he had with the British press and legal system over the case when he exposed the corruption between to local government and the media, which they tried to use to destroy Tommy.

Urban Scoop followed Tommy to Denmark to record his speech and presentation to a very select few who got to see WHY the British state prevented him from publishing the documentary. Tommy believes this is his most important work yet.

Support Tommy Robinson at URBAN SCOOP.

Tommy Robinson’s RISE OF THE CELTS:

Tommy Robinson’s THE RAPE OF BRITAIN:

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