Nashville Council Members Say They Will Vote to Reinstate Expelled Democrat Legislator

Nashville Council members said they will vote to reinstate the expelled Democrat legislator.

The Tennessee legislature on Thursday expelled two of three Democrats who participated in last week’s insurrection.

The protesters last Thursday showed up demanding gun control after a transgender terrorist killed 6 Christians, including 3 children, at a private Christian school in Nashville.

The insurrectionists screamed, “No action, no peace!”

BREAKING: Left-wing protesters disrupt TN legislative session shouting “No action, no peace!”

— Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) March 30, 2023

The legislature removed Democrat Reps. Pearson and Jones on Thursday.

Democrat Justin Jones said he was expelled from the legislature for being an “uppity Negro.”

“I basically had a member call me an uppity Negro,” Jones told MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

“What he was essentially saying is that Justin is an uppity Negro.”

Expelled Tennessee Rep. Justin Jones suggests his opponent is racist.

Most black folk will always view negative interracial interactions as racism. Dialogue doesn’t fix the

— Frank DeScushin (@FrankDeScushin) April 6, 2023

At least 23 members of the Metropolitan Council say they will vote to reinstate Jones, NBC News reported.

NBC News reported:

A majority of members of the Nashville Metropolitan Council will vote to reinstate Justin Jones to the Tennessee state Legislature after he was expelled from the House of Representatives on Thursday over his protests on the chamber floor against gun violence.

Twenty-three members of the 40-seat Metropolitan Council confirmed to NBC News or on social media that they plan to vote to reinstate Jones to the Legislature.

The council, which currently has 39 members, will hold a special meeting Monday to discuss an interim replacement for Jones’ seat. Vice Mayor Jim Shulman said he expects the council will take action to suspend the rules at the meeting to vote on a successor to fill Jones’ seat instead of holding a monthlong nomination period.

In interviews with NBC News, members expressed outrage at Jones’ expulsion and said hundreds of constituents have reached out to demand that he be reinstated.

“They removed the voice from 140,000 people who voted for them,” said Councilmember Burkley Allen. “It’s a terrible precedent to set, that we disagree with you and you’ve disrupted our House proceedings and therefore we’re expelling you. That’s not the way democracy works.”

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