WATCH: Angry Leftist Interrupts Kari Lake’s Sold-Out Iowa City Event, Screams “F*ck You” – Lake Tells Him to Debate Her But He RUNS!

Kari Lake hosted a sold-out rally at the Airliner bar in liberal Iowa City, Iowa, with the University of Iowa College Republicans and the Johnson County GOP Wednesday night.

The venue in Iowa City was located across the street from the liberal University of Iowa, where transgender flags lined the streets. Still, Lake pulled in a massive crowd and overfilled the room. Attendees lined the stairs outside of the room just to hear Kari speak.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Kari Lake, who is currently fighting a lawsuit against her fraudulent midterm election in Arizona, is Iowa’s clear favorite for Trump’s Vice President, according to a new poll.

The video of Kari’s full speech can be found below.

Lake also hosted a Thursday night dinner event with the Story County GOP and a Good Friday prayer breakfast with Conservative Actor Kevin Sorbo this morning.

Arizona MAGA Star Kari Lake To Hold Events In Iowa City, Story County, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa with Conservative Actor Kevin Sorbo

When Lake introduced herself and said she ran for Governor in Arizona, the crowd responded, “And won!”

Even Iowa knows that Kari Lake’s election in Arizona was rigged and stolen by Katie Hobbs!

During Kari’s speech, a lone, sad leftist instigator, who was probably paid to do it, barged into the room and screamed, “You’re a fascist liar, Kari! F*ck you!”

Attendees at the event told The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson that the agitator quickly ran out of the building after interrupting Kari’s event. What a loser!

One can be heard yelling back, “the only fascist is you,” and another shouted, “another bed wetter!”

Fittingly, this happened as Kari Lake was speaking about leftwing indoctrination and the importance of learning American history, the Constitution, and our rights as Americans. These people hate the Bill of Rights, particularly the First Amendment!

Unfazed, Lake responded, “really? In what way, sir?” and invited him on stage for a debate before learning he had run away. “We already won the debate,” Kari continued.

Watch below:

After speaking, Lake opened the conversation to take any questions from the audience. She is not afraid to speak to the people or answer their questions.

Watch Kari’s full speech below:

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