New York Woman Claims Police Brutality Caused Her to Lose Her Unborn Baby During Arrest – Police Release Bodycam Footage and Other Evidence Showing a Different Story (VIDEO)

Credit: New York State Police/ Fox News

Binghamton, New York – A New York woman is claiming police brutality caused her to miscarry her unborn child during an arrest last month despite evidence to the contrary.

As reported by News 12, New York Sate Police on March 20 attempted to pull over Quashaia Oranchak, who was six and a half months pregnant. Police say she refused to comply and fled.

The officers then say another state trooper pulled in front of her and his car was hit by Oranchak’s vehicle, ending the escape attempt.

Oranchak was arrested and taken to the State Police barracks and then the Broome County Correctional Facility according to News 12.

The woman hired a personal injury lawyer named Ronald Benjamin after the incident. Benjamin claimed that at roughly 8:30 p.m. Oranchak was taken to a local hospital for an emergency C-section. The baby, however, had already died.

Benjamin released this statement claiming Oranchak not only suffered brutal treatment at the hands of state police, but that they caused the death of her unborn child as well:

It is acknowledged that drugs were found but no one engaged in any violent conduct, no one resisted arrest, no one was doing anything other than in fact going to get laundry done when stopped by the police.

The stop violated numerous protocols and yanking her out of the car like a rag doll and slamming her on the hood of the vehicle undoubtedly caused this child’s untimely demise and as such the family is demanding that there be an impartial investigation into the police conduct and resulting homicide.

New York State Police, however, released bodycam footage from the incident seemingly proving that these allegations are vicious lies.


The video starts with the arresting officer pulling Oranchak out of the drivers after she fled cops when they tried to pull her over. The other passenger in the car informs the officer that Oranchak is pregnant.

The officer then grabs the woman’s hands behind her back and pushes her to the rear of the vehicle. At no time was Oranchak slammed on the hood.

Oranchak asks the officer what the issue was with her being arrested. The officer explained that she was trying to get away.

When Oranchak claimed that she was just trying to find a place to pull over, another officer overheard her response and had a simple one word answer:


Despite Oranchak’s attempts to deceive, the arresting officer handled her with care. He asked her to let him know if she was feeling unwell due to her pregnancy.

We have a situation that we’re in right now, but at the end of the day — like I told you before — I’m a reasonable guy.

I see that you’re pregnant. If you’re not good, you need to let me know because you’re in my custody now. Your well-being is part of my responsibility.

The police even gave her water when Oranchak requested it.

Police told Fox News on Saturday that they found controlled substances in Oranchak’s vehicle and trace amounts of fentanyl and methamphetamine in her body.

Studies have show opioid use can cause miscarriages. Fentanyl is arguably the most potent and lethal opioid on the planet.

Oranchak was later charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and promoting prison contraband by police deputies. The incident remains under investigation.

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